Herbal Drinks & Malts - Benefits With Recipes

Consuming herbal drinks is an all-natural way to treat certain chronic issues related to digestion and immunity. Tried and tested Ayurvedic herbal remedies include herbal drinks, malts and more, usually mixed with tea, hot water or milk. These act as dietary supplements to improve and maintain overall health and wellness.

However, it can be difficult to parse ancient Ayurvedic knowledge to know the right fit for a person. Amala Earth is a one-stop platform for healthy and eco-friendly products across categories. The products on Amala Earth use organically sourced ingredients to create healthy drinks for digestion.

Keep reading to know more about the types of malts and herbs for digestion, their benefits, and a few home recipes.

Types of Malts and Herbs

In their true nature, malts are organic. They are formed by the partial fermentation of grains like barley, rye, corn, wheat, and rye. Fragrant and aromatic plants are called herbs. These herbs also possess medicinal properties to aid digestion. Some examples of medicinal herbs are ginger, ginseng, and chamomile among many others.

In the following list, people can explore some of the most beneficial malts and herbal drinks available in the market. Their ingredients and benefits are also mentioned in the respective subsections.

  • Zeo Malt: Increased stress, improper eating habits and food quality can cause digestion issues like acidity and indigestion. While not only causing discomfort, these issues can also impact a person's overall health and wellness.

  1. Herbs like Triphala, ajwain, marich and sounth help treat issues like indigestion, flatulence and hyperacidity. Amrutam’s Zeo Malt contains these herbs for digestion and is a 100% herbal jam that improves the pH balance of the stomach. Mix it with milk or warm water to create a recipe that works with digestion.
    • Gulaab Khaas: Acne is caused due to many factors, both hormonal and environmental. Heat retention makes those who live in warmer climates more prone to acne outbreaks. In addition to increasing water intake, herbal drinks offer a way to reduce unexpected acne growth.

    • Varaahi’s Gulabkhaas contains fresh rose petals, mishri or sugar candy, fennel and cardamom. These natural ingredients have cooling properties that help refresh the body during warmer summers. It even has the added benefit of reducing acidity and sunburns and increasing energy levels. A spoonful of this Gulabkhaas can be mixed with cold milk or dessert to create a sweet and healthy dessert.
    • Neem Giloy Brew: The many benefits of neem have led to it being called “the village pharmacy”. Studies show that it can reduce inflammation and positively affect immunity, which leads to the herb’s popularity in healthy drinks to improve overall wellness.

    1. Satmya’s Neem Giloy Brew, named after the Sanskrit word for the root of immortality, is packed with immunity-boosting ingredients like tulsi, neem and parijat leaves. These organically-grown ingredients will help in fighting off respiratory illnesses and support a robust lifestyle. Mix it with
    • Keyliv Malt: Maintaining liver health is an important part of overall wellness. Recent reports show an increase in cirrhosis, fatty liver issues and alcohol-related liver issues due to unhealthy diets and increased stress. Adding a healthy drink to the diet that improves liver health is the best way to counter this.

    Amrutam’s Ayurvedic Keyliv Malt helps with this concern. This all-natural malt prevents all types of liver issues, from fatty enlargement to cirrhosis. Made of various medicinal herbs like bhringaraj, kutki, bhui amla and kalmegh, this herbal drink also helps with alcohol-induced hepatitis.

    • Anandprash: If you want to improve your strength and stamina, there’s an ayurvedic solution. Natural ingredients like Brahmi, ashwagandha and kesar can help boost your strength and immunity in addition to regular fitness.
    1. Varaahi’s Anandprash contains these beneficial ingredients and others like amla, tulsi and cow ghee to maximize your vitality and potential. This supplement is also gluten-free, paraben-free, and nutritious.


    A herbal drink is growing in popularity these days. Rooted in tradition, many vouch for ayurvedic products for their benefits and convenience. However, people must consult their doctor before adding any healthy drink to their diet. Pregnant women and children must consult a medical professional before consuming any products.

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