Gifting Ideas for Valentine's Day

Every Valentine's Day, love is celebrated worldwide in unique ways. Planning romantic dinners, getaways, and gifting makes the day a memory to cherish. 

Now, valentines gifts form a crucial part of the day, and various options have started making rounds in the market. However, not all gifts are made equal, and finding the right one takes time and effort. After all, the gift should express your feelings and love for the receiver. 

Here are some earth-friendly gift ideas for your beloved!

Beauty Gift Set

A beauty gift set will stand apart among all the available valentine day gift collections in the market. These beauty boxes come with different cosmetics that can be used for various purposes. 

A perfect option for these beauty boxes is the bridal beauty box on Amala Earth. As the name suggests, the package contains all the cosmetic essentials new brides need, but it can be used by anyone looking for perfect skincare and makeup products. 

The box includes a glow cream, saffron-infused toning gel, women's perfume, lip balm, and makeup removal balm. The best aspect about these products is that they are all organic and do not contain harmful toxins. They are safe for your skin. 

In addition, you can also go for a beauty care gift hamper, which contains 12 different things essential for skin care. Some products in the box are Serbian blue clay, pure rose water, organic deo balm, and handcrafted coconut milk soap. 

Skincare Gift Box

Another option for a valentines' gift can be a skincare gift box. The best part is that you can even consider it for him. It falls in the valentines day gifts for him category too. The box contains skincare products that both men and women can use.

The skincare gift box on Amala Earth contains all plant-derived ingredients safe for all skin kinds. The box includes rosewater toner, rose goat milk soap, wild rose facemask, and grapefruit lip balm. 

In addition, you can also go for a skincare rituals box and a skincare gift set. The skincare rituals box contains all organic things, such as perfumes, face wash, face packs, toner and mist, and roll-on deodorant. On the other hand, the skincare gift set includes flower oil, a face roller, and Gua Sha. 


Valentine Candles

People who adore creativity adorned with beauty can use valentine candles as gifts. These candles add a fabulous aroma to the environment and offer you a perfect way to express your love. 

The best part is that the valentine candles on Amala Earth are biodegradable and non-toxic. Some of the most popular candles on the website are soy wax scented candles, floral heart candles, and handcrafted tea light candles

Whipped Cream Soap Pack

If your lover is concerned about hygiene and cleanliness, you can choose a whipped cream soap pack. This soap pack includes three soaps of flavours: divine cocoa, wonderland, and bubblegum. 

You need to scoop a minor amount of whipped soap and then form a lather all over your body. Again, these soaps are organic and do not contain any toxic material. Some of the ingredients of the soap are sweet almond CO, veg glycerin, argan oil, orange extract, aloe extract, walnut scrub, and safe preservatives. 

Final Words

Valentine's Day is a festival of love and care celebrated enthusiastically worldwide. The number of gifts exchanged on this day exceeds any celebration. Different brands also bring value-adding gift options for lovers on this day. The need remains to select the perfect gift as your lover's choice, be it perfume kits, skincare products, candles, chocolates, or cosmetics. 

The range of gifts is wide, so choose wisely. Consider your partner’s likes and dislikes while choosing a gift. Consider the above suggestions to make an appropriate choice.