From Bamboo Toilet Paper To Towels To T-Shirts - Know Everything About Bamboo

Before we talk about Bamboo toilet paper, T-Shirts, and towels, let's first know a not-so-fun fact. Around 15% of deforestation worldwide is due to toilet paper production. Specifically, 10 million trees are flushed down every year, resulting in less biodiversity and more greenhouse effect on our living planet!

Thankfully, it's Bamboo to our rescue; it can be used to produce toilet paper, towels and efficiently replace mostly unsustainable modern clothing. For example, Viscose Rayon is a fabric made from Bamboo. 

Here is everything essential you need to know about Bamboo and its usefulness.

What are Bamboo products, and how is it a good option for you against traditional products?

If you plan to create a sustainable home, switch to bamboo products for flooring, clothing, and interior decoration! Yes, bamboo products are just like wood. Indeed, we can say that Bamboo is the "Jack of all trades."

Whether it's about your music studio at home, furniture, sports items, or clothing and textile, bamboo products win it all! Moreover, Bamboo Bioenergy is now trending as an option against non-renewable sources of energy. Plus, if you are revamping your bathroom suite, remember to include bamboo pulp and paper for ultimate sustainability.

Additionally, it also gives you great products to rejuvenate your skin. Yes, we are talking about the Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads. And, for sound sleep, get comfortable bamboo sheets and pillows. 

So, next time you are placing an online order for household, decoration, or clothing needs, ensure that you choose Bamboo products. 


Now, the question is:

 Are bamboo products a sustainable option for the fashion industry?

Indeed, you may have rumours in the market about better towels. Additionally, to clarify them, the words are valid.

Enter: Bamboo is the most eco-friendly fabric in the world!

Not only do the bamboo fabrics look impressive, but they are also comfortable and amazing-hard to resist. Plus, since they comprise Bamboo, they are highly sustainable products. These are eco-friendly. Bamboo is a natural, renewable source and is remarkably strong and soft.

Secondly, the versatility speaks for bamboo toilet papers, towels, and t-shirts. Indeed it is equally valid for all bamboo products. Bamboo is known for its renewability, and these are easy to use and highly soft for regular usage. 

Here are the pointers which favour bamboo products as a good buy-

  • Strong and soft material

You will be surprised to note that Bamboo is 40% more absorbent than other clothing fibres. It is indeed the finest organic cotton. So whether you are switching to a bamboo towel, t-shirt or even a personalized clothing range, bamboo fabric is super-light. Plus, these are silky-soft for the skin.

  • Entirely renewable source

It is eco-friendly because it's a renewable source, so it has less impact on the environment. Well, an excellent way to understand it is to imagine the volume in which Bamboo has been growing in Southeast Asia for millions of years now. You can still find the native bamboo plants in regions of the United States and South America.

  • Bamboo proliferates. 

Interestingly, it is one of the fastest-growing plants, growing up to 35 inches per day, or you can imagine it as 1.5 inches per hour.

So, these are the reasons that back your decision to switch from traditional clothing and bathroom products. Next, it's time to switch to premier bamboo toilet papers, towels, t-shirts, and more!

Now, it's the perfect instance to get the advantages of bamboo products: towels, premium-quality toilet paper, comfortable t-shirts, and clothing.


5 Reasons to Buy Bamboo towels and T-shirts, and more!

Indeed, you are in for a treat if you have not tried them before. Let us tell you why we love bamboo products.

So, with your favourite towel for bamboo towels, be sure to experience the best after-shower time!

Enter: Advantages of Bamboo towels

  • They dry you amazingly faster!

Yes, bamboo towels are four times more absorbent than cotton products. With just one soak on the soft and gentle part of your body, it soaks all moisture quickly. Indeed, much drier than the cotton towel you use.

  • You can use them for days! They are antibacterial.

Since bamboo clothing has antibacterial properties, it prevents moisture from growing. That means you don't have to wash your towels as you do with cotton towels. Whoa, less washing time now.

  • Bamboo textiles are super soft.

So, what can be more impressive and enticing than a super-soft towel after a bath? The bamboo towels are super soft and highly durable. One more thing, they resist shrinkage and pilling.

  • The bamboo towels are sensitive skin-friendly.

Well, you are suffering from a skin allergy, bamboo towels are for you. With bamboo towels, there is no need to rub or cause irritation to the skin. Yes, it's the best alternative for synthetic fabrics.

  • They come in the best texture and colours to suit your bathroom.

Always remember, a calm aura needs the perfect colours and fabrics. There are colours that everyone wants to add to their bathroom suits. It can be red, blue, yellow, cyan, and more! The bamboo towels give you the perfect colour balance for your bathroom suite: super-lightweight and cool touch to your bathroom towel sets.

So, now you are all ready to buy the bamboo towels, read along what bamboo t-shirts offer you!

Enter: Advantages of Bamboo T-shirts and fabrics

Here are the five reasons to switch to bamboo cotton if you have not yet!

  • The best part, it's entirely odour-free.

Whoa, now you don't have to carry deodorant everywhere. Even at the end of the day, you will feel fresh and odour-free with the bamboo t-shirts. Plus, these are antibacterial and also bacteriostatic, called "Bamboo Kun." It naturally grows and nourishes and is one such bio-agent that grows wild without the use of fertilizers.

So, if you are looking for a soft and comfortable fabric for work-out, travel, yoga, or running, bamboo t-shirts are the best.

  • Second, bamboo fabrics are the best sweat-absorbent.

It pulls moisture, sweat from the skin actively for evaporation. Yes, bamboo t-shirts are moisture-wicking. So, it keeps you fresh and dry every time. If you are lining in humid places, get bamboo t-shirts to walk around non-sticky and fresh!

  • Third, get a natural shine with the bamboo fabrics.

The bamboo fabric is natural, and so, the t-shorts also shine naturally. It gives all garments a luxurious appearance. So, it is likely to stand out among all the cotton-lovers out there!

  • The best part is it's naturally UV Protectant.

Indeed, if you are planning for adventure travel, switch to bamboo t-shirts now! Why? Because it prevents skin exposure to harmful UV rays, which cause skin cancer. So, if you are wearing bamboo t-shirts while on hot and sunny days, you will be safe from UV rays.

  • Finally, it's powerfully insulating and super-soft, easy on the skin.

It's like you want- bamboo t-shirts keep you warm in winters and more relaxed in summers. The bamboo fibres have micro-gaps which makes them best for ventilation. So, now you can keep the wearables almost 2 degrees cooler in summer and noticeably warmer in the cold climate.

Additionally, you can compare the bamboo fabrics to that of silk. It's super-soft and light on the skin. So, it's perfect for all people who suffer from skin allergies or reactions to synthetic fibres.

Your best takeaway is here:

Switch to bamboo-made products now. Whether it's for the bathroom suite or a comfortable and fresh fabric choice, bamboo scores best in all. Yes, it's time to switch to bamboo towels, t-shirts and replace your traditional toilet papers.

Feel fresh, boost lifestyle with Bamboo products now!