Four Yoga Techniques To Help Your Children Sleep

Making children sleep on time is the most daunting task for any parent. They are always high on energy and slowing them down is a huge task. It is always better to have a proper bedtime routine. One thing that you must include in this routine is yoga.

Yoga targets both physical and mental health and children need yoga as much as adults do. They should be introduced to yoga early because they are more receptive and flexible at this age, and practising yoga can help them develop awareness as well as ways to deal with stress, which will help them in the long run. 

Yoga doesn’t only help children become more aware and stay active, but it also helps them sleep well. There are several yoga poses, or asanas, that can help in balancing energy, calming their mind and help children sleep peacefully. If your child is struggling to sleep, you must try these asanas.

  • Child's Pose or Balasana

  • This is one of the most calming yoga techniques usually done after heavy exercise to calm down the body and nerves. It is easy to perform and doesn't require hard sequences. 

    How to do it

    Make your child sit on their knees. Keep the knees together or slightly apart. Now ask them to bend forward slowly, touching the floor by their forehead and stretching their arms out front. Ask them to press their chest on their thighs and hold the pose for 20 seconds. Ask them to breathe normally (typically for children, it is difficult to ask them to breathe in a certain regulated pattern). Repeat this exercise five-six times before taking them to bed.


    This asana helps in calming down their hyperactive body and nerves and helps them have a deep peaceful sleep.

  • Cat-Cow Pose or Chakravakasana

  • Just as fun as its name, this yoga posture, again, is very easy to do. Named after animals, this yoga pose will interest the kids in posing like an animal. It relieves the tension accumulated in the upper back and also strengthens the spine. 

    How to do it

    Start with getting your child on all fours—like a table—keeping their back straight. The arms should be straight and wrists right under the shoulders and knees under the hips. 

    Ask them to look between their arms by gently lifting the back as they exhale. This is the cat pose. Now ask them to gently look upwards and arch their back down, towards the floor, as they inhale. This is called the cow pose. Repeat these movements for five-six times. Care must be taken not to overarch the back of the child. You can ask them to mimic the cat with a meow or the cow with a moo, making it a fun exercise for them.


    Chakravakasana strengthens the back and core of the child. It also relieves stress, helping them sleep. Overall, it is a good stretching exercise for children without any complex movements.

  • Lion's Pose or Simhasana

  • This is another balancing yet fun yoga posture, especially for highly active kids. Simhasana is often overlooked for its benefits. It opens the throat and helps in regulating the high energy associated with restlessness. Moreover, it also stretches the hips and strengthens the legs.

    How to do it

    Ask your child to sit on their knees, but place their heels backward. Now ask them to place their hands over the knees. Tell them to take a long breath and exhale via the mouth and stretch out the tongue by making a sound 'Haaaaaa'.


    Lion’s pose is more of a breathing technique that calms the mind and releases pent-up emotions. As far as children are concerned, they all vibe high with a mix of different emotions. Simhasana will help them channel their inner emotions coupled with breathing. 

  • Corpse Pose or Shavasana 

  • The most important yoga pose for ultimate stress-free sleep. This is the easiest yoga pose and yet has a wide array of benefits.

    How to do it

    Make your child lie down on their back and keep their arms straight, along their body. Keep the body straight. You don't need a pillow. One has to lie down for an extended period till one feels completely relaxed and transits into sleep. For kids, you can ask them to imagine something they like by telling a story and making them relaxed so that they gradually transition towards sleep.


    Shavasana calms the body and mind equally. It relaxes the whole body and stimulates blood circulation throughout the body. It has also been known to cure insomnia and hence perfect for children to make them sleep easily.

    Yoga can be the first step towards creating awareness and flexibility in children during the initial years of their development. Try these simple yet effective yoga exercises with your children to help them regulate their sleeping patterns and channelise their energy in a better way. This will not only help your kids sleep better, but also improve their awareness and cognitive function. You can also do it with them, making this a fun and bonding activity.