Foods to Consume and Avoid in Diabetes

Nobody wants to experience a condition where they are restricted or limited in what they can eat. Health problems often force individuals not to enjoy the food they like the most. One such health issue is diabetes, which has several food items that should be avoided to maintain the body's blood sugar levels. It is vital to follow a well-balanced diet when managing diabetes.

Most people fear having diabetes as it means going without their favourite sweet foods. The great news is that people can still enjoy their favourite dishes by altering certain ingredients. By understanding which foods to consume and which to avoid, you can prepare a well-balanced diabetic diet plan. Let's look at some food ingredients that you can comfortably replace with low glycemic index foods that are good for you.

  1. Low Carb Foods Instead Of High-Carb Foods

Following a low-carb lifestyle can be a real game changer when managing diabetes. Making smart swaps and choosing low-carb foods for diabetics can help you take control of your blood sugar levels and enjoy the various delicacies. If you begin your day with cereal and milk, you can swap them with oats and milk. Cereals are high-carb foods, whereas oats are low in carbs.   

Berries are an ideal choice for people with diabetes. They are low in sugar and high in flavour. And if you are looking for low-carb, diabetic-friendly snacks, opt for ragi dosa instead of normal ones. You can purchase a premix ragi dosa pack and prepare them in no time. With little creativity, you can enjoy your favourite dishes without sacrificing the taste.

  1. Jaggery, Honey & Stevia Instead Of Refined Or White Sugar

In the quest for healthier sweeteners, there are many sugar substitutes for diabetics available. They offer a promising escape from white sugar. It is time to say hello to jaggery, honey, and stevia, nature's sweet and natural gift that can help you manage your diabetes effectively. They are considered the safest form of sweeteners for diabetes since they are consumed naturally.

You will always see white or refined sugar topping the charts when looking for foods to avoid with diabetes. Jaggery, honey and stevia will be great alternatives for your sweet tooth, and you can easily add them to your Indian desserts.


  1. Khapli Atta, Jackfruit Atta Instead Of Regular Atta

When looking for foods to lower blood sugar, you should consider diabetes-friendly flours that can control your blood sugar. So, what are those diabetic-friendly flours? You can switch to khapli or jackfruit flour and replace it with your regular flour for a diabetes-friendly option.

These flour options are high fibre foods for diabetics & have a lower glycemic index than the regular wheat atta. Rotis or paratha made of this atta will support your body in releasing sugar at a slower rate, thus helping prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar levels.


  1. Groundnut Oil, Coconut Oil Instead Of Refined Oil

Do you know you can easily transform your kitchen into a diabetes-friendly one by replacing your refined oil with groundnut or coconut oil? It is true, and these oils can add robust flavours to your diabetic meal ideas while also supporting your blood sugar levels.

Groundnut or peanut oil has monounsaturated fats and offers a favourable impact on blood sugar levels. Coconut oil is derived from coconut fruit. Its medium-chain triglycerides are metabolised differently than the normal fats, thus supporting blood sugar regulations. So, choosing these will ensure you do not have to skip your favourite fried food. But remember to eat in moderation.

Bottom Line

Key Takeaways:

  • You should choose low-carb food items like oats to help regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • You can switch to diabetes-friendly flours such as khapli and jackfruit to continue enjoying your favourite roti and paratha.
  • Substituting refined sugar and oil with healthier options, such as jaggery or peanut oil respectively, can help follow a diabetes-friendly diet.

Always remember that the power to shape your health lies in your hands. You can continue eating healthy, delicious, and tasty food by making smart choices. By incorporating these nourishing foods, you can control your blood sugar level better.

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