Festive Special Puja Thalis and Other Essentials

Festivals or any religious ceremony are incomplete without certain essentials. Be it the puja thali or ornaments, you must have them all to celebrate any occasion in full spirits. Although puja essentials depend on the type of puja and the religion, a few things remain constant. Here is a list of a few essential items that one should have to perform a puja with utmost faith and reverence.

Puja Thali

Festive puja thali is special in religious ceremonies and signifies devotion and spirituality. These ornate and beautifully crafted plates serve as the focal point of worship, carrying a collection of sacred items that symbolise our connection with the divine.

You can find these thalis in beautiful designs, materials like brass and wood, and with auspicious symbols such as Goddess Laxmi and Ganesh ji. You can go for a pooja thali set with a diya, katori, bell, glass, and a tray to get everything together. You can use these thalis during the festive times or make them part of your daily routine when offering prayer.

Incense Sticks and Cones

If you wish to enter the world of aromatic bliss, nothing is better than incense sticks and cones during festivals. These fragrant wonders have been used for centuries in India's spiritual, religious, and cultural practices. You can buy charcoal-free incense sticks with a unique blend of fragrant herbs, resins, and essential oils to create a spiritual ambience.

Look for puja incense cones with natural ingredients like Kapoor, Chandan, lemongrass and elaichi. These incense cones or dhoops can be used for relaxation, purification, or a more profound divine connection.


Oils are significant puja essentials, symbolising purity, divinity, and enlightenment. Pure puja oil is integral to religious rituals, adding a divine touch to our spiritual practices. Puja oils made from cinnamon, eucalyptus, and lemongrass can be used for praying in front of deities and gods. These essential oils can fill our spaces with captivating scents, creating a soothing and uplifting atmosphere.


Honey, a golden nectar bestowed upon us by nature, holds a special place as a festive and puja essential. Honey has long been treasured for its natural goodness and has found its place in the hearts and traditions of celebrations, especially in India.

Its rich flavour adds a special touch to festive treats and delicacies, tantalising our taste buds with its unique sweetness. Festive honey can be used to make prasadam. You can opt for organic honey gift packs and also use them for gifting during the festival season.


Puja Jewellery has long been used as an adornment for gods and goddesses in various religions in India. The type of jewellery used for gods and goddesses varies depending on the specific religious traditions and practices. For instance, festive bangles are offered to goddesses as a form of devotion during religious festivals like Hariyali Teej. You can buy these bangles in various colours and materials or opt for gold and silver.

A traditional toe ring is an essential ornament for women in India. During festivities, many people often keep toe rings for the goddess made of silver, along with other jewellery items.


"Shringar" items offered to the goddess in India are integral puja essentials. Beauty products like kajal and comb adorn the idols of Goddesses on festive occasions. These are placed well in a thali or tray and offered to the goddess.

Kajal for festivals is seen as a way to enhance the divine beauty of the goddess. Conversely, Comb symbolises grooming the goddess and adorning their divine beauty and power. When choosing beauty products for goddesses, go for organic products since they are all natural materials, considered auspicious for the puja.


Bottom Line

Key Takeaways:

  • Puja essentials like a thali set are necessary for religious ceremonies and festive celebrations.
  • You can switch to organic oil and honey for upcoming festivals and pujas for an enhanced experience.
  • Puja thali, beauty products, oil, honey, and incense sticks are crucial puja essentials.

The essentials mentioned above go beyond average items. They are bridges that connect us to our traditions, cultures, and the divine. From the intricately designed puja thalis to the fragrant incense sticks, from the graceful jewellery to the sacred oils, each item carries a story, a symbolism, and a purpose. So, get them home and be festive-ready.

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