Explained: All you need to know about Camel Milk and Goat Milk

The dairy industry is on a rise thanks to some new and exciting options that are increasingly becoming popular around the world. Among them, goat milk and camel milk are turning out to be the personal favorites of many primarily because of the benefits they offer, both in terms of nutrition and as a natural beauty product.



Not many know that Camel Milk has been a regular home ingredient in many parts of Africa and the Middle-east. In fact, raw camel milk is used by several nomadic tribes to survive in harsh climatic conditions due to its exceptional nutritional qualities. Read on to know why camel milk is also called the ‘White Gold’ of the desert.


Camel Milk Benefits:

High nutritional value

Interestingly, the properties of Camel’s Milk bring it closest to human milk. It is rich in vitamins A,B,C,D, and E which are both water-soluble and fat-soluble. In addition, it is also loaded with sodium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, copper and iron which aids in the healthy development of the human body and mind.

Ace immunity booster

The presence of Immunoglobulin A and Immunoglobulin G makes camel’s milk a top-class immunity booster for humans. It also contains three times more Vitamin C than regular cow’s milk thus helping the body to effectively fight infections.

Helps manage diabetes

Camel milk’s insulin-like properties are proven to help achieve long-term glycemic control. It aids in reducing insulin requirement among those with type-1 diabetes and helps improve lipid count in diabetics.

Effective anti-ager

High levels of Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) combined with zinc, copper, iron and Vitamin C make Camel’s milk a natural anti-ager. It is found effective in skin brightening as well as reducing skin discoloration and acne marks.



About 65% of the world’s population consumes goat milk even though goats produce only 2% of the global milk supply. Traditionally, goat milk has been considered the most nutritious of milk and is popular with children and adults alike.

Goat Milk benefits:

Helps prevents allergies

In many cultures, goat milk is used as a transitory protein for children post-breastfeeding. It contains A2 casein which considerably reduces the chances of milk allergies and reactions in children.

Increases platelet counts

Selenium in goat’s milk pushes up the platelet counts in one's blood and is found to be a very effective natural medication post dengue fever.

Helps keep a healthy heart

Reduced amounts of the enzyme xanthine oxidase in goat’s milk aid in preventing the thickening of the arteries (Arteriosclerosis) thus enabling healthy heart functions.

Healthy natural skin

The pH level of goat’s milk and human skin is the same. Hence, goat milk, when used on human skin helps nourish and moisturize it without disturbing the natural chemistry of the skin. This is why organic cosmetics comprising goat milk have been gaining popularity over the last few years.


Goat Milk v/s Cow Milk

When compared head-on with cow’s milk, goat milk is found to score higher in terms of nutrient value as well as acceptance by the human body.

  1. Goat milk has higher amounts of protein, calcium and minerals when compared to the same serving of cow milk.
  2. Goat’s milk is a better choice for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. This is because the fat globules in goat milk are 20% smaller than that of cow milk making its digestion easier for the human body.
  3. Goat milk aids the body’s capability to absorb nutrients from other foods. However, cow milk is found to interfere with the absorption of minerals such as copper and iron when consumed simultaneously.


Is goat milk the healthiest milk?

Not just cow milk, goat milk is also found to have better protein values as compared to soy milk, nut milk, almond milk, and rice milk. Fresh goat milk can be obtained from a nearby farm if available, or one may order goat milk online on Amala Earth.


Here is a list of handpicked products made using camel milk or goat milk that you must order online this festive season:


  1. Camel Milk Chocolate | 100% Natural

Made with top-quality cocoa beans from Kerala, and camel milk from Rajasthan and Gujarat, Aadvik Camel Milk Chocolate’s unique taste promises to engage all your senses.

  1. Freeze-Dried Camel Milk Powder | 100% Pure & Natural

Aadvik’s Camel Milk Powder is made from pure camel milk sources from the arid regions of India. The Freeze Drying method used in its preparation ensures that all natural nutrients of the camel milk are retained in the milk powder.

  1. Camel Milk Ghee | 100% Pure & Natural

Aadvik’s Camel Milk Ghee can be a game-changing product if you are determined to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Made using pure camel milk sourced directly from the interiors of desert states in India, the Camel Milk Ghee is a must-have if you are a diabetic who misses ghee on their food plate.

  1. Goat Milk Powder | 100% Pure & Natural

Prepared using pure and fresh goat milk, HYE’s Goat Milk Powder smells and tastes exactly like goat milk. It is packed with 100% natural bioactive minerals that offer a range of health benefits.

  1. Organic Goat Milk Honey & Oats Face and Body Bar

Chennai Soap Company’s Organic Goat Milk Honey & Oats Face and Body Bar is made using pure goat milk, honey and oatmeal. Suitable for all skin types including baby skin, it will nourish and moisturize your skin like never before.

  1. Goat Milk Hair Growth Shampoo | Anti Frizz

Vilvah Store’s Anti-Frizz Hair Growth Shampoo is an improvised hair shampoo made using pure goat milk. The shampoo reduces frizz and fly-away hair leaving your hair smooth, strong and moisturized. It is suitable for all hair types and works well for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. 

  1. Goat Milk and Jojoba Butter Depigmentation Bathing Bar

The handcrafted Sadhev’s Goat Milk and Jojoba Butter Depigmentation Bathing Bar promises to moisturize, heal and rejuvenate the skin with the magic of Jojoba and pure goat milk.

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