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Nov 30, 2022


The nip in the morning air is a harbinger of good times. Yes, Christmas is only a few weeks away. And while the thought of enjoying the festive season with friends and family is exciting, there is also the question of corporate gift ideas for clients to be mulled over. The choice of the gift can have an impact on business and production. As such, choosing the right gift takes precedence over red wine and Christmas carols. 

There are a lot of options out there, but unique, high-end corporate gifts are hard to come by. To make it easy, here is a compilation of interesting gifts that will leave a lasting impression on clients. 

A tea collection 

  1. Tea is in. And the days of confining this beverage to the standard masala chai are a thing of the past. With umpteen delectable flavours available, tea connoisseurs are spoilt for choice. This makes tea collection hampers an ideal corporate gift for knowledgeable clients. The options? Hibiscus, jasmine, star anise, or lemongrass. All this and more in the Artisanal Tisane Tea collection and the Serenity tea gift box. With this brew to begin the day, what can go wrong? 


  1. There is perhaps no more beloved gift than stationery. It is useful, unisex, and suits just about everyone. If you're looking for a perfect stationery hamper, look no further than this abundance gift hamper rich in everything one could need.

Natural fibre stationary has a stamp of exclusivity, just the thing for corporate gifting. However, when there is a banana fibre box a daily planner and a macrame bookmark, and tree-free pencils with seed paper packaging, it’s not only a great gift but reduces carbon footprint. Some options that make your corporate gift baskets personalised are this journal & kulhar set or this paperdom stationary kit.

      Gardening gifts

      1. If you wish to take your gifting up a notch, do consider a more eco-friendly option. With a focus on the environment, plantable stationery is a great way to give back to the planet. A stationary kit that contains notepads, plantable seed pencils, and plantable colouring pens is one of the best corporate gifts 2022, especially when it also contains 2 mini planting sets. Not only is a plantable mega stationary kit or plantable calendar a good way to reduce the carbon footprint, but it also impresses clients with thoughtful gestures. You can also couple them with seed balls for that added gardening touch.

      Gift of good health 

      1. The horrifying spectre of covid-19 has dissipated, but in its wake, health awareness is on the rise. This unique corporate gift idea for employees is an immunity gift box that will ensure good health of the staff. The hamper contains favourites such as neem giloy brew, Arjuna heart elixir, fermented Ashwagandha, Triphala, chyawanprash and nuts and seeds. Easy to carry and the perfect travel companion. What can get better than the gift of good health?  

      Tea and cookie gift hamper 

      1. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, but the packaging matters too. This tea and cookie hamper does proud, with cute jars of natural infusion flavoured green tea and Savoury or sweet biscuits. A great beginning, but the flavour on the tongue cinches the deal. A memorable corporate gift basket, undoubtedly. 

      A medley of goodies 

      1. It's a euphoric feeling, digging into a hamper and pulling out exciting goodies. With goodies such as tea, scented candles, shower gel, nectar and lotion in the hamper, life takes an interesting turn. Wrap this up in a stylish box and you have a winner.  

      For the sweet tooth 

      1. Sure candles, tea, cookies and essential oils have a lot of charm. But chocolates and crunchies have a decided appeal. Sweet tooth hampers with crunchy nuts, flavoursome almonds, cranberries and berry muesli are to die for. Another option is this classic date-filled hamper. But when these delicious wonders are packed in tasteful packs, it takes the gift to a whole new level. Personalised Corporate Gifts Online India, never had it this good. 

      Soothing lavender tea 

      1. Lavender soothes, and it calms. The royal soap and rose candles set the stage for an indulgent ‘me’ time, with a cup of tea to sip on. These precious moments are treasures and can be enjoyed to the fullest with these nuggets of pleasure.  

      Natural oil hamper 

      1. Hair never had it so good. Curry leaves, coconut oil, ginger, cinnamon, Tulsi extract, and argan and lemon essential oils are just some of the ingredients in this beautiful hamper. Whatever issue hair has, there is a solution for it in this collection of bottles. What's better than gifting a luscious mane to your clients? 

      Scented candles, cashews and playing cards make a great hamper 

      1. Cards are fun, be it Diwali or Christmas. Add cashews and scented candles to the mix and it spells ‘fun night.’ This mix of funky items is sure to bring joy to the receiver. The cashew nuts may not last the night, but the heady scent of candles gives a promise of exciting times ahead. 

      Herb basket tea box 

      1. A light tea box reminds you of the Japanese tea ceremonies with all the paraphernalia of a great cup of tea. The tea, with a hint of cardamom, a whiff of orange peel, and the stimulating touch of cloves, rose and lavender makes drinking tea a surreal experience. In a world where impressions matter, this gift is manna from heaven. The recipient of this glorious experience will always be thankful.  


      Natural Empyreal Tan Hamper 

      1. There are hampers and there are empyreal hampers. This Belgium chocolate bar with date coffee, hazelnut spread and pizza cashews affair is a class act. These are not the things one makes an effort to shop for on a daily basis, so when they land at the doorstep, these goodies find a special place in the recipient's heart. So, yes, this is a great gifting option. 

      Healthy chocolate gift hamper 

      Chocolates are sinfully delicious. But when they are paired with luscious dates, it takes this mouth-watering experience to a whole new level! The twist in this delectable tale? Crunchy almonds. Heaven must feel like this.  

      These options for corporate gifts for employees and personalized gifts for clients can easily make your gift-giving ordeal a massive success. If you still struggle with deciding the best option, you can always visit Amala Earth to choose your best fit. Or you can always opt for Amala Earth gift cards and let your recipient take their pick!

      Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness, festive, gifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of corporate gifts appropriate for all occasions. 

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