Ethnic Workwear Made Comfortable


Ever had that feeling of wanting to be not too formal or flashy but, at the same time, be on-trend and feel at ease? Ethnic clothing can do that job. Over the years, the fashion industry has certified that women or men donning ethnic wear can create a statement with minimal effort. 

One might immediately associate ethnic wear with those heavy wedding ethnic wears that are too challenging to handle. Indeed, not all Indian ethnic wear is comfortable. But several women's ethnic wear online stores have transformed the meaning of ethnic wear to "comfortable, yet stylish.”

Women are oftentimes confused about what to wear to the office. Yes, one does look smart in pencil-cut pants and plain formal shirts. But after a while, those western outfits feel a little boring. Adding a few ethnic colours and prints to the wardrobe is all it would take to jazz up the workwear look completely. 

Ethnic Wear and Comfort 

The office is where one spends much of their time a day. When it comes to productivity, comfort and confidence are the key features. When people wear clothes they feel confident wearing, it acts like a morale booster and increases overall productivity.

In addition, following a dress code that people feel relaxed in, helps them express themselves, thus elevating creative thinking. As people feel more comfortable and creative, they tend to feel happier. And as one can guess, office dynamics between happy people are always great. This will obviously improve workplace collaboration and productivity. 

Comfort has two definitions here. First, how comfortable one feels wearing them and how soothing the fabric is. Second, the clothes that they choose should allow swiftness in movement. While western outfits are classy, most people may not feel comfortable wearing fancy suits, dresses and heels to the office daily. On the other hand, as most ethnic wear is made from breathable fabrics like cotton, they help absorb sweat and keep one's body cool. 

Why Ethnic Wear Over Western Wear? 

First things first, it is the quality of fabric that one should talk about. Cotton and linen are the most common breathable materials used in making ethnic clothing. The fluffy texture of these materials makes them feel like butter on the skin. The fabric is not itchy and suitable for the hot weather in India. They are also dyed using natural dyes, ensuring that the fabric is not just organic, but sustainably made too. 

While visiting any ethnic wear online shopping website to buy ethnic wear online, one can find no dearth of options. The unique designs and patterns handcrafted by the skilful indigenous artisans make the clothing elegant and beautiful. There are different weaving and decorating techniques used by the weavers to bring these artistic creations to consumers. 

Comfortable Ethnic Wear for Work: A Walkthrough


  1. Sarees 

    Being the oldest form of ethnic wear, it is only natural that sarees get a mention here. There are many women in India who would opt for a handwoven saree for the workplace. The Pure Linen Jamdani Saree and Cotton Silk Jamdani Saree from the Amala Earth range are classic examples of comfortable yet stylish handwoven sarees. For those obsessed with prints, Amala Earth offers options like Bagru Printed Chanderi Saree and Kota Doria Handblocked Saree. Sarees made from pure linen and cotton are meant for daily use and give off that simple yet sophisticated look. They are easy to drape and hardly require any maintenance. 


    1. Kurta Sets 

      If someone prefers not to go through the hassle of wrapping a saree around their body as they rush off to work in the morning, Kurta sets would be ideal. The Pure Cotton Kurta Set with Scarf on the Amala Earth platform fits the bill perfectly. 

      To nail the stylish ethnic wear look, a slightly loose-fitted Kurta with cotton straight pants and a dupatta makes for an elegant combination. The straight pants in the Pure Cotton Angrakha Kurta Suit Set on Amala Earth come with an elasticated waistline, ensuring comfort. As an added bonus, they also feature pockets, freeing the consumer from the hassle of carrying a bag or a pouch. 


      1. Kurtas/Tunics 

        For style enthusiasts who want to keep it uber-trendy yet ethnic, no choice can be more elegant than Kurtas! Kurtas are available in a number of hues, prints and new cuts. These days, many ethnic wear online India stores offer Kurtis or tunics in ethnic fabrics. Amala Earth is one name that stands out for its commitment to style, sustainability and earthiness. People who wish to create a simple and elegant look should definitely check out the Embroidered Kota Doria Kurta and Pure Cotton Ikat Yoke Kurta on the Amala Earth website. The Cotton Indigo Applique Dash Button Down Tunic is another catchy option from Amala Earth

        A quick style tip: for the ultra-intellectual look, it would be advisable to pair palazzo or straight pants with flared Kurtas and straight-cut Kurtas. 

        Amala Earth - The Place Where Stylish Designs Meet Responsible Fashion

        Nowadays, there are many women's ethnic wear online shops that help people enjoy shopping from wherever they are. But on the flip side, it is a difficult task to find a reliable and genuine website that combines fashion with sustainability. 

        Amala Earth offers good quality ethnic wear made sustainably, sourced from local weavers and durable. The brand aims to create a responsible fashion community with a conscience for the future of our planet. Handwoven and created by Indian artisans, Amala Earth products are not just promoting fashion, but also helping communities. For anyone who looks forward to shopping for comfortable yet stylish workwear, Amala Earth is the place to visit.