Elevate Your Life With Organic Plantable Stationery- The New Way

With sustainability concerns rapidly rising in all industries across the globe, the stationery industry is no exception. As consumers become more aware of the impact of their choices and consumption patterns, they have started making conscious lifestyle changes. One of these thoughtful yet seamless lifestyle changes an individual can make is switching to organic stationery. 

From a school-going child to an office-going individual, stationery items like pens, pencils, notepads, calendars, and diaries are for everybody's use. As much as these stationery items are helpful, they generate massive waste when discarded. In an industry where cheap and easily disposable materials like plastics weigh more than eco-friendly materials, it will undeniably cause serious harm to the environment and planet. But, to make things better, investing and spreading awareness about organic plantable stationery can prevent a negative impact on the Earth. 

What is organic plantable stationery?

Any stationery product made from an eco-friendly material that creates less or no negative impact on the environment can be referred to as organic stationery. Plantable stationery is biodegradable stationery that is created from post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds to preserve the environment. 

How can you create a positive impact with plantable stationery?

Plantable stationery, with its main feature of being ‘plantable’, makes it eco-friendly, sustainable, and revolutionary for the market. All the plantable stationeries come with embedded seeds that can be planted into the soil after their use. These seed stationery later grow into plants and trees, which helps to enrich nature. You can read more about the plantable stationery here

Top benefits of plantable stationery

  • Good for the environment: An essential benefit of investing in organic stationery is its positive impact on the planet. It encourages more plantations and an enriching environment.
  • Safe for use: Unlike other plastic and toxic material stationery, organic plantable stationery is made of safe materials and is ideal for kids' and adults' use.
  • Cost-effective: Commonly misinterpreted as an expensive product, plantable stationery products are affordable and cost-effective as it provides long terms benefits to the consumer and planet.

Top 5 plantable stationery to invest in

While there are various plantable stationery items available at Amala Earth, here are our top 5 picks.

  1. Plantable Calendar with DIY Stand: A perfect compact seed paper calendar for your desk, this plantable calendar is made of recycled paper and is embedded with seeds, to be planted after its use. The seed paper calendar comes with a two-piece MDF stand, this easy-to-assemble stand calendar is smart, useful, and makes a perfect piece of gifting too. 

  1. Plantable Seed Pencils: Plantable pencils are another option for you. This is a complete box of 50 mixed-seed pencils, ranging from coriander to basil to spinach. Plantable pencils are the perfect product to invest in for your future kitchen garden. 
  2. Plantable Pens: Comes with the benefit of growing your vegetables, this set of 20 plantable pens offers vegetable seeds like okra, brinjal, green chili, etc. The pens are made from recycled paper that decomposes quickly and leaves no negative impact on the environment. 
  3. Plantable Stationery Kit: Offering 7 color ink seed pens, 5 premium seed pencils, and 1 handmade seed paper notepad, each carrying a different type of flower seeds, this stationery kit is something different from standard gift boxes. It is ideal for the workplace, educational, and occasional gifts also. 

  1. Mega Grow Kit: An all-inclusive kit of all the necessary items needed for gardening, while being useful in the study room are available in this box. 1 plantable mini notepad, 10 mini coloring seed pencils, 4 plantable recycled paper pens, 4 seed pencils, coco pot, and coco peat disc are combined to make planting easy. 


Choosing sustainable and responsible stationery items can have a positive effect on the environment. Start by investing in one product and look at the difference it creates. Amala Earth offers a great range of affordable, eco-friendly, and organic plantable calendars, seed pens, and seed pencils. Explore and shop organic stationery from Amala Earth now to start your conscious journey.