Educational Games In Natural Materials - Good For Kids & The Environment

Games are a fun way of engaging kids of any and every age. With the help of mind-stimulating activities and games, kids develop different skills and gain a lot of knowledge. Educational games for kids can be beneficial as they learn to solve problems and understand the logic behind them. If you imbibe learning in children through games, they ought to remember the experience for a very long time.


Additionally, when you plan to buy educational games on which your kids are expected to spend a lot of time, always go for eco-friendly and non-toxic toys. By using environmentally friendly products, you will ensure that your kids use safe and non-toxic products.

Let’s look at some fantastic products that work best as educational games for kids at home. 

Black Boards And Chalks

Everyone would know about blackboards and chalk and how fun it used to be playing with them. Blackboards are the best way to keep your child engaged for a long time. Your child’s imagination grows and improves their hand and eye coordination. These boards are not limited to the ones stuck to the wall; you can get them in different shapes and even in wooden blocks where your kids can draw and play side by side. These can be great educational games for kids-4 years old and above. You can even use them for gifting purposes.


Sensory Play Games

Sensory play has a lot of importance because it aids in child development. Sensory play games are a fantastic way of developing motor skills, eye coordination, and social skills, among many others. Sensory play toys let the child touch, explore, and understand the surface and environment around them. Sensory play is great for all ages, and you can get educational games for 0-3 months kids as well.

Activity Booklets

Go for activity booklets if you want to keep your kids occupied long and away from the screen. You can get these booklets on different topics. One example is pencil-gripping workbooks to help your kids learn how to hold pencils and scribble. For bigger kids, look out for a dining etiquette set with cut-outs and other sheets explaining the dining manners. 

Moreover, to introduce a language to your kid, such as Hindi, go for a Hindi learning kit. Kids can learn, practice, and wipe by engaging in a fun-filled educational activity. Choose these learning kits for gifting purposes on birthdays or as a return gift and plant a learning seed in every child’s mind.

Educational Games By Subjects

Once your child grows, they may not be interested in playing with regular toys. As a parent, it would be your responsibility to introduce games that teach them concepts related to their study and school subjects. Check out maths calculators and indoor dice games, perfect educational games for kids-8 years old and above. Children can learn how to calculate two numbers and increase their mathematical skills. It will be a great way to comprehend what is happening in the school and clear any doubts. 

Montessori Games

Montessori games ideally develop a child's personality while teaching them a sense of perception. These are made of bright and vibrant colours that will attract any child. You can find various games in this range, such as six activities in 1 cube and wooden board games. You can select a perfect Montessori play depending on your child's age.


Your child can never get bored playing with building blocks. It is the best fun activity to let them create imaginative things and learn about different shapes, sizes, and colours. You can even get wooden toys for childrens in the block segment made of non-toxic and shiny paints that will attract young children a lot.

Bottom Line

You must have heard the famous saying, all work & no play makes Jack a dull boy. It is true in the real world, if you won't let your child play different games, you will be restricting them from showing their creative side. Gift them educational games made from natural materials and make them smart individuals.