Light the Way for a Better Future with Eco-friendly Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a time of happiness and joy and over years it has become nothing short of the grandest celebration in the country. But with all things great, there are some things we need to be mindful of as well. With Diwali comes celebration and festive exchanges but there is also over consumption, crackers, air, and noise pollution too.

Keeping a responsible celebration in mind, it is time for us to start moving towards an eco-friendly Diwali which by the way, is not only beneficial for the environment but also encourages citizens to make more eco-conscious choices. With Amala Earth's festive gifting range, you can make more earth friendly choices during the festive season.

What is an Eco-friendly Diwali?

An eco-friendly or Green Diwali is all about celebrating the festival in a way that respects our environment and reduces our carbon footprint. It emphasises the importance of sustainable and eco-conscious choices during the celebrations.

It is a more mindful way to celebrate this auspicious occasion and also helps set an example for others.

Why You Should go for an Eco-friendly Diwali This Year

Celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali comes with several benefits for the environment and yes, the people and even our pets. Here are some advantages of adopting an eco-friendly Diwali this year:

  • Encourages Conscious Thinking: Green Diwali celebrations raise awareness about the environmental impact of our actions. It encourages individuals to think consciously about their choices and their effects on the planet.
  • Promotes Sustainable Living: An eco-friendly Diwali celebration promotes a sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle. As a result, people are more likely to adopt eco-conscious practices beyond the festival, such as reducing plastic waste, conserving resources, and more.
  • Improved Air Quality and Health Benefits: Reduced air pollution leads to improved air quality, which in turn benefits our health. Thus, an eco-friendly Diwali helps in reducing pollution levels, leading to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

How to Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali?

There are a multitude of ways you can celebrate Diwali without harming the environment. Here are 6 ways to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali this 2023:

1. Use Earth-friendly Decorations

Opting for natural elements like fresh flowers and leaves for decoration or opting for green Diwali home decor essentials is a way to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. You can also consider upcycled materials like old cloths to create wall hangings and create an eco-friendly ambience at home. In addition, choosing plantable Ganesh idols and Lakshmi idols is also a step in the right direction.

2. Choose Natural Lighting

Since Diwali is termed the festival of lights, most people adorn their homes with twinkling LED lights. However, it is important to choose eco-friendly and traditional lighting options like clay, oil lamps and brass diyas. You can also choose decorative tea lights, scented soy wax, and beeswax candles to elevate your decor.

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3. Create Eco-friendly Rangoli

Creating rangoli designs using natural, plant-based colours or even rice flour is an excellent way to support the environment. This is because the traditional dyes and colours used for this process usually consist of harmful chemicals and toxins that can damage the environment.

4. Go for Sustainable Diwali Gifting

Festive gifting options from Amala Earth can help you contribute to the environment and make your loved ones happy at the same time. You will find many brands that support local artisans and promote sustainable production methods.

You can also celebrate eco-friendly Diwali at your office. Eco-friendly Diwali gift hampers from sustainable brands would not only impress your colleagues but also give you a sense of satisfaction for investing in the environment.

5. Shop Eco-friendly Ethnic Wear

Another important aspect of celebrating Diwali is to dress up in bright festive wear. But instead of buying synthetic apparel, why not consider brands that use sustainable production practices and eco-friendly fabrics? You can find responsbile festive wear on Amala Earth. From handwoven sarees to hand embroidered pure linen and chanderi silk sarees, you can find ethnic pieces that are worth adding to your collection.

6. Choose Eco-friendly Seed Crackers

Although we recommend not bursting any firecrackers, but if you must then choose the eco-friendly variants that are less harmful to the environment. You can consider the plantable beej crackers available on Amala Earth.

The Takeaway

Here's a fact. Small choices can make a big impact on the environment. These small yet significant choices can light up not just your home but also the world around you. Lastly, this Diwali, take a step in the direction of sustainability by celebrating a green Diwali with Amala Earth’s Joy of Festivities collection. 

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FAQs on Eco-friendly Diwali

Why should we celebrate eco-friendly Diwali?

Celebrating an eco-friendly Diwali allows us to enjoy the spirit of the festival while also safeguarding the environment. Furthermore, it sets a positive example for future generations to be more mindful while celebrating festivals.

What are some eco-friendly Diwali office decoration ideas?

You can opt for eco-friendly decorations made from recycled paper and create reusable rangoli designs with materials like coloured rice, flower petals, or even chalk. Moreover, you can choose to decorate the office with potted plants and clay diyas to enhance the festive atmosphere.

What are eco-friendly products for Diwali?

Eco-friendly products for Diwali include natural and biodegradable decorations made from flowers, leaves, or upcycled materials, and environmentally friendly gifts made from sustainable materials.