Easy Switches To Make This Environment Day

With the world facing escalating environmental challenges, it has become crucial to prioritise environment-friendly products. The depleting natural resources and effects of climate change indicate taking responsibility for our consumption habits. 

As Environment Day (5th June) approaches, it is an excellent opportunity to reflect on our choices and consider their impact on nature. Here are easy switches you can make this Environment Day to become earth-friendly and encourage preservation of natural resources. 

Natural Household Cleaners 

You can switch to non-toxic and safe natural household cleaners instead of the ones that have harsh chemicals. A natural plant-based cleaner will do more than just clean the floors. The natural fragrance it leaves behind is safe for your kids and pets. Besides, a natural cleaner is less likely to leave a sticky residue like traditional cleaners. 

Several natural dishwashers are also available made from plant-based ingredients. They effectively clean the dishes and are light on your hands. Cleaners infused with harmful chemicals may cause respiratory problems, allergic reactions or headaches. Besides, they can also affect the air and water quality upon contact. Hence, using natural cleaners will benefit your family's as well as the environment's health. 



Biodegradable Disposables 

It takes years for plastic waste to degrade in a landfill. Besides, they do not break entirely and continue to absorb toxins and pollute the environment by becoming microplastics. On the contrary, biodegradable disposables break down naturally and do not require additional chemicals to accelerate the process. 

You can switch to biodegradable disposables like bamboo straws, palm leaf plates, birchwood spoons, forks, knives, etc., for minimal environmental impact These are plastic-free, durable, lightweight and reduce pollution tremendously.




Clean Beauty Essentials

Clean beauty is synonymous with non-toxic beauty. By using clean beauty essentials, you will not risk your skin health. Regular cosmetics or skincare products often contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulphates, phthalates or other synthetic materials.

Clean beauty formulas only include natural, organic and non-toxic ingredients. They are also produced via sustainable and ethical methods and minimise environmental impact. You will find ample products in this category, from face masks, toners, and cleansers to face scrubs. 



Wearing Sustainable Clothes

Biodegradable components from natural or recycled fibres are used to make sustainable clothes. The materials used in the process use no fertilisers or pesticides while growing, consume comparatively way less water and energy and need no chemicals. Thus, sustainable or eco-friendly clothing significantly reduces the overall carbon footprint. 

Organic cotton dresses, linen shirts, and bamboo pants are examples of clothing in this category. Sustainable fashion means comfort. You will feel extremely light upon wearing them, and so will the environment. 

Plantable Stationery 

Using plantable stationery is an excellent way to give back to the planet. These plantable pens and pencils are normal tools for writing. Once exhausted, they can be used to plant seeds and grow new plants. The idea behind these products is to encourage sustainability and spread environmental awareness.

Plastic stationery generates a huge amount of waste. These stationeries hold seeds inside them and decompose easily in the soil without impacting nature. Besides,they grow into the plant or vegetable you like without the use of chemicals in them. You can gift environmentally friendly stationery to your kids or as return gifts to your kid’s friends this World Environment Day and teach them to plant while having fun. 



Bathroom Swaps

Earth-friendly products are harmless to the environment during production, use or disposal. The same holds true for eco-friendly toiletries. They help in reducing the amount of waste and pollution in the environment. For instance, you can switch to a bamboo toothbrush and eliminate much landfill waste filled with plastic toothbrushes. 

You can also use natural toothpaste or eco-friendly toilet paper for an eco-friendly experience. These earth-friendly bathroom swaps are safe for your disposal systems. So, replace your traditional toiletries with these and say yes to a sustainable lifestyle.



Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • Sustainable clothes help reduce the overall carbon footprint and are comfortable and light.
  • Eco-friendly disposables like bamboo straws and palm leaf plates minimise plastic waste and environmental pollution.
  • Switching to eco-friendly products is a great way to spread awareness about environmental preservation. 

Making conscious choices and embracing sustainable alternatives is highly recommended to reduce the ecological footprint. You can make these simple switches irrespective of your age, location or background and spread awareness this World Environment Day. 

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