Best Eco-friendly Brands for Kids that Parents Must Know

Here's a fact. Having a baby in the family is equal parts exciting and overwhelming. And when it comes to an infant, it is essential to keep in mind that their health and comfort always come first. Selecting the right baby clothes and products is a crucial step in this journey.

As a parent, one should steer clear of synthetic garments and mass produced plastic toys for their baby as they are unsuitable for sensitive skin and detrimental to the environment. In this blog, we will discuss some of the best ethical brands available on Amala Earth that are perfect for your little champs.

17 Best Eco-friendly Kids' Brands to Check Out

Buying newborn baby clothes and babycare products online can seem like a daunting affair for young parents. But fret not as Amala Earth is here to help. Here is a list of eco-friendly kids' brands that are worth investing in for the comfort of your young ones. 


While choosing the right clothing items for your baby, it is crucial to consider both comfort and style. Fabrics that are made from renewable fibres are easier to grow and manufacture. They require lesser resources and can be recycled. Here are a few ethical children's clothing brands you shouldn't miss.

1. Liz Jacob

Liz Jacob is for those parents who value handmade handlooms and simplistic elegance. Their unique kids wear range appeals to a mindset that values artisanal work and pays attention to the handcrafted story behind the garment. The brand focuses on providing organic and soft fabrics with evolved design sensibilities leaning towards a pastel palette and simple silhouettes.

2. Ora Studio

ORA Studio specialises in products made with natural, earth-friendly ingredients that are not harmful on the skin. Their product range includes women's fashionwear ranging from dresses and co-ord sets to jumpsuits. The label uses handwoven and handspun materials for its creations.

3. The Happy Polka

The Happy Polka is a clothing brand. Their clothes are made from the finest materials and are designed to last. With fair pricing and dedication to customer service, the brand is confident that the customer's will be happy with purchase from The Happy Polka.

4. Cocoon Care

Cocoon Care is an ethical children's clothing brand that creates beautiful and highly comfortable clothing for the little fashionistas. You can find skin-friendly creations made of materials like bamboo that is three times softer than cotton and helps your baby sleep peacefully.

Cocoon Care baby clothing

Cocoon Care creates clothing options for children from the age of zero to twelve years and offer premium quality that the little ones deserve.

5. Mouse in the House

Here is a handcrafted ethical children's clothing brand that is perfect for the bright-eyed dreamers. The brand perfectly captures the spirit of childhood with imaginative designs that are downright comfortable. Furthermore, Mouse in the House also focuses on gender-neutral clothing options for children made with the best quality fabric that is delicate for the skin and the planet.

Mouse in the house kids

6. Mr. BRAT

If you're looking for easy-breezy casual wear for your child, consider Mr Brat. This is another eco-conscious clothing brand for children that creates playful prints and trendy styles.

Mr Brat kids clothing

Check out their multiple collections that cater to different seasons and festive wear. In addition, Mr. Brat is committed to responsible sourcing and durable manufacturing while ensuring minimum wastage.

7. The Forest Child

The Forest Child is an eco-friendly kids brand that is focusing on creating a community for sustainability, slow living and self-love. You will find a wide range of baby care products from a team that loves nature and wildlife.

Forest child ethical children's clothing

The Forest Child infuses their love for wilderness in their products and creates clothing and bedding options with delightful animal prints that will be loved by all kids.

8. Chi Linen

Discover the joy of linen clothing that is handcrafted by industry professionals in soothing colours. Chi Linen is an ethical children's clothing brand that believes in providing premium quality organic products as per the latest fashion trends.

Chi Linen clothing for kids

You can even get the option to customise the entire collection in relaxing colours options. So, build a linen capsule wardrobe for your little champs with Chi Linen and help them look both cool and comfy.


When choosing the right skincare products for your baby, it is significant that you pick products that are of highest quality and protect your baby's perfect supple skin. Also, remember to keep your baby's skin dry and clean at all times. Here are some eco-friendly kids' brands available on Amala Earth that you must try.

9. O'Mumsie

O'mumsie's products are made with the highest quality ingredients and are safe for both mother and child. O’mumsie is the brainchild of a devoted mother who wished to curate a line of new products with ancient, effective botanicals and ingredients for the kids.

10. Nat Habit

When a little one comes into the home, it is essential to be more mindful of the products that are being used. Since babies have more sensitive skin, using skincare products by baby friendly brands is essential. Nat Habit is committed to creating products that are not only good for your baby but also the environment. This eco-friendly kids' brand must be on the top of your list to shop baby skincare products from.


New parents often struggle in choosing baby care products that are gentle for their little ones. CITTA is a brand that you can trust blindly when it comes to baby skincare products. From baby powder, moisturizer, massage oil and shampoos, you can find a whole range of products that are safe and beneficial for your baby. Check out their range of natural baby products that are free of parabens, sulphates, silicones and any other harmful ingredients.

CITTA beauty for kids


As you know, most toys in the market today contain toxins and are made of plastic. And these toys are bad for the baby as well as the environment. Thus, choosing eco-friendly toys made of sustainable materials is the need of the hour. Here are a few eco-friendly toy brands that offer products that your child will adore.

12. Birch & Bug

Birch and Bug is a one-stop-shop for all things sustainable, earth-friendly, and consciously made. They offer a curated selection of children's products with commitment to environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

Their products are made from natural materials and are designed to last for generations. Birch and Bug believe in promoting open-ended play and exploration, and products are the perfect way to encourage those values for anyone's children.

13. Fair Kraft Creations

Fair kraft creations make beautiful wooden lacquerware products using traditional methods passed down through the generations. The wood used is sourced from sustainable forests, and the products are handmade using natural dyes and finishes. The products are made by skilled artisans using traditional methods and offer the highest quality that is sure to last a lifetime.

14. Playbox

If you wish your child to learn about sustainability from the get go, what better way to do this than introducing them to earth-friendly toys? With Playbox, you can find a plethora of options in innovative toys that will help your child develop new skills and their imagination.

Playbox toys for kids

What's more, these toys and toy sets are made from eco-friendly materials like wood which are not harmful to the environment or your child like plastic.

15. Gulab Tribe

Another brand that creates creative and innovative eco-conscious toys is Gulab Tribe. At Gulab Tribe, you'll discover a wide array of toys designed to nurture your child's curiosity and imagination. What sets these toys apart is their eco-friendly composition, primarily handcrafted from materials like wood.

Gulab tribe toys for kids

This is an excellent homegrown brand that is an alternative to mass-produced toys. The brand also provides livelihoods for the artisan community and uses natural and eco-friendly dyes.

16. Masaya

Masaya is an eco-friendly kids brand that believes in capturing the essence of memories and stories through their artistic products. The brand is also committed to contributing to the environment and changing the waste landscape of the country. Choose from a wide range of cotton offerings by Masaya that are comfortable and breathable.

Masaya for kids


Buying eco-friendly bedding for the baby upholds the parents' concern for the environment. You can find different bedding and interior furnishing options for your young ones by the following:

17. Snuggly Spaces

Snuggly Spaces is an eco-friendly kids' brand that specializes in crafting room furnishings and interior products to create cosy spaces for your little ones. Their products are carefully curated, considering the needs of babies and the environment. 

snuggly spaces children's bedding

From organic bedding to charming decor options, Snuggly Spaces helps parents the opportunity to create nurturing environments for their children while embracing eco-friendly practices. With a focus on quality, aesthetics, and ethical production, Snuggly Spaces is the go-to brand for parents seeking both comfort and sustainability in their baby's room.

The Takeaway

From eco-conscious materials to responsible production, these eco-friendly kids brands available on Amala Earth ensure your child's comfort while nurturing a greener, brighter future for them. 

Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in Beauty, Fashion, Home, Food, Wellness, Festive, Gifting and much more! Check out more brands with pure, sustainable, eco friendly products for little ones at  Amala Earth.