Dohars & Comforters in Natural Materials for Summers

With summer around the corner, people have started looking for thin cotton blankets that are neither too padded nor too thin. Most are looking for a soft material that requires little maintenance, is hand and machine-washable, and complements their room as well as the interior design. Jaipuri blankets are perfect for those who need ultimate comfort and an incredibly smooth fabric.

Amala Earth offers thin cotton blankets for summer that are explicitly designed for mild temperatures. These are made of premium cotton and feature layers of fabric that keep you cool at night. These cotton printed quilts are lightweight and give the perfect cosy vibe. Having at least one piece of this summer blanket is suggested for an enhanced experience this summer. 

Cotton Dohar: The Best Double Bed Blanket for Summer

Dohar is a muslin cotton sheet stitched in three layers of cotton and printed with traditional designs. These are for mild temperatures that are neither hot nor cold. You can choose a quilted Dohar or the plain one depending on your preferences. 

Some of them are hand-block printed and made using natural colours. It makes them a safe alternative for kids too. You can switch from those heavily padded blankets used in winter to these lightweight and thin Dohar pieces for summer. These soft cotton blankets for summer make a great investment for families who can’t do away with blankets, even in summer. 

How to Buy the Best Cotton Comforters for Summer?

These three-layered thin blankets for summer are available in various colours, designs, styles, and prints. With such varieties, you will be spoilt for choices when shopping for summer blankets. Below are a few important tips to help you choose the best summer comforters.

Size of the Blanket

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An undersized or oversized blanket doesn’t offer the best comfort when sleeping or lying on your couch. It’s best to match the size of the Dohar with your bed or couch. Buy a large double bed blanket if you are buying it for your bedroom.

These comforters come in many sizes and you can explore many varieties online at Amala Earth. Weight is never a concern with Dohars. It is because blankets in this category feature three muslin cotton sheets that are incredibly lightweight and super comfortable.

Design and Style

A perfect Dohar for your bedroom is one that matches your interior decor and pillow covers. You can choose colours and prints that look suitable for your place and go well with your home decor. 

The intricate prints, like in this cotton mulmul double bed Dohar, complement almost any theme, from neutral to boho style. You can also find Dohars for kids’ rooms. Dohars with floral, geometric, and cute prints will look perfect in your kid’s colourful room. If you want an elegant piece that offers dual designs, one on each side, you can try reversible Dohars.


Since you will use these blankets in the warm season, you will need to wash them frequently. The best part about the cotton double blanket for summer is that they require reasonable, easy to maintain and hand and machine washable. Still, checking the instructions before making a purchase is advisable. If the fabric is only machine-washable, the fabric will lose its colour and quality if you hand wash it with harsh detergents.

Cost of the Dohar

People tend to think that the more expensive the Dohar is, the better the quality. However, it is a common misconception. Not every reasonably priced quilted blanket is of low quality. The price is determined based on the material, print, size, and other factors. 

Final Thoughts

Buy cotton blankets for summer in India from Amala Earth and be rest assured about the quality. Please consider your home’s interior theme, bed size, the softness of the fabric, and maintenance for an ideal purchase. Buying a hypoallergenic piece made of 100% premium cotton is the best decision.