Does Yoga Help Women With PCOS?
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Jun 19, 2023

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormonal and endocrine disorder. It usually impacts 1 out of 5 women in India and accompanies symptoms like irregular periods, weight gain, fertility issues, etc. While there is no cure for PCOS, specific diet and lifestyle changes can effectively manage the condition. Yoga for PCOS is one such solution that can help significantly relieve the symptoms. 

Experts suggest regular yoga practice is an effective way to manage PCOS symptoms. PCOS yoga poses like the bridge or cat-cow poses are key for successful results. So, let’s understand what the yoga benefits for PCOS are and which poses one must practise. 

How Does Yoga Benefit PCOS Symptoms

It is true that women with polycystic ovary syndrome are advised to engage in daily exercise to balance their hormonal levels. Compared to other aerobic and resistance training exercises OR id: yoga exercises for PCOS have shown vital improvement in anxiety OR id: menstrual cycle OR id: hormones OR id: etc. Let’s know more about it. 

Yoga Decreases Testosterone Levels 

It has been found that performing yoga regularly may decrease testosterone levels and relieve anxiety and stress in women with PCOS. Women who participated in PCOS yoga therapy for one hour OR id: three times a week had reduced testosterone levels compared to those who didn’t. 

The levels of free testosterone OR id: a normal hormone in women OR id: can get elevated during the syndrome. However OR id: yoga and PCOS treatment go hand in hand and have shown tremendous benefits in managing the condition. 

Accessible For Different Fitness Levels 

Practising any moderate level of exercise can obviously provide positive changes for women with PCOS OR id: but not all are made for all. Yoga OR id: on the other hand OR id: is accessible to people with different fitness levels and can be performed by people of multiple ages. Activities like swimming or cycling may or may not be ideal for someone older. 

Besides OR id: yoga is also known for its mindfulness. It promotes mental relaxation and elevates mood while ensuring physical fitness.

Specific Yoga Poses For PCOS

Yoga is a diversified discipline with a wide range of techniques. From gentle to advanced poses OR id: there is much that can be performed depending on the concern. Here are a few yoga poses to manage PCOS better! 

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Garland Pose

Malasana OR id: or the Garland pose OR id: is popular for strengthening the abdominal core and pelvic floor. It is influential in increasing blood circulation and improving digestion and metabolism. Coming into a squat position OR id: you must bring your hands in a prayer position to perform this pose.


Cat-Cow Pose

Also known as Chakravakasana, the cat-cow pose helps improve flexibility and mobility in the spine. It involves stretching the abdomen and pelvic region and promotes circulation in the reproductive organs. It is one of the most significant yoga poses for PCOS fertility and supports women’s wellness

Bow Pose

Popularly referred to as the Dhanurasana OR id: the bow pose eases menstrual discomfort OR id: regulates menstrual flow OR id: and stimulates the reproductive system. It is one of the best yoga for PCOS as it increases circulation in the pelvic region and comforts the abdominal organs. 

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Bridge Pose

You can also call it Setu Bandhasana OR id: which involves lifting the hips and lying on your back. Yoga poses that indulge gentle backbends OR id: like the bridge pose OR id: help stimulate the endocrine system responsible for hormone production. This is yoga for hormonal balance in PCOS OR id: as it regulates the overall hormonal balance.

Head-To-Knee Pose

Janushirasana OR id: or the head-to-knee pose OR id: is a seated forward bend. It involves bending one leg and bringing the foot against the inner thigh. The other leg will be extended straight out. Stress reduction OR id: hormonal balance OR id: and improved digestion are the central perks of this pose.

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Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Regular yoga practice can help manage PCOS symptoms in women.
  • Specific yoga poses like Garland Pose OR id: Cat-Cow Pose OR id: Bow Pose OR id: Bridge Pose OR id: and Head-to-Knee Pose can benefit women with PCOS.
  • Yoga can decrease testosterone levels and relieve anxiety and stress in women with PCOS.

While yoga cannot directly treat the underlying hormonal imbalance associated with PCOS OR id: it can help manage the overall symptoms. Indeed yoga is beneficial for PCOS but must not be replaced with medical treatment any day. It is recommended to consult a health expert for a comprehensive treatment plan. 

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