Diwali Party Ideas for an Eco-friendly Celebration This 2023
Esha Dhawan
Oct 16, 2023

From card parties to delectable dishes and festive decor, Diwali parties are a popular tradition that brings friends and families together. However, celebrating this joyous festival often leads to overconsumption and wastage which negatively affects the environment. 

This year, let’s attempt to stay mindful of the environment while throwing Diwali parties. Here’s how you can organise an eco-friendly Diwali party that is both joyful and earth-friendly.

Eco-friendly Diwali Party Ideas

Are you planning on throwing a successful eco-friendly party? Here are some Diwali party ideas that will not only make your Diwali celebration memorable but also environmentally friendly. By incorporating these ideas, you can inspire your friends and family to also make more green choices and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

  • Eco-friendly Diwali Party Decorations
  • Traditional Dinnerware & Crockery
  • Healthy Snacks for Diwali Party
  • Eco-friendly Party Accessories
  • Eco-friendly Diwali Party Favours

1. Eco-friendly Diwali Party Decorations

No party is complete without fancy yet sophisticated party decor. And for an eco-friendly Diwali party, it is important to opt for Diwali decoration for party that is not only pretty but also good for the environment. Here are some ideas.

Upcycled Torans

If you are looking for Diwali party decor ideas, consider torans and buntings made of upcycled materials. You can choose from fabric and metallic torans to adorn your walls and doors to create a festive ambience for your Diwali party.

Sustainable Hanging Lamps

Hanging lamps can create a festive atmosphere that is perfect for your Diwali card party with friends and family. You can choose from bamboo lamps to antique brass hanging lamps that are good for the environment and make the perfect Diwali home decor.

Festive Candles and Diyas

  • Tea lights: Tea lights are extremely versatile and look stunning when paired with gorgeous crochet and metal holders. You can also add them to urlis and create a festive ambience in your home.
  • Brass diyas: If you want to create a more traditional atmosphere, you can choose brass diyas to decorate your entrances and staircases and welcome your guests with the festive warmth.
  • Soy wax candles: Opt for festive scented candles made of eco-friendly materials like soy wax for your Diwali party decor.

2. Traditional Dinnerware & Crockery

It is a no-brainer that you must avoid using any single-use plastic tableware in your eco-friendly Diwali party. Instead, you must opt for reusable tableware and dinnerware that is not only in line with the Diwali theme but also sustainable.

Traditional Dinner & Serveware

  • Brass Dinner Set: This Diwali, enhance your festive dining experience by bringing out a stunning brass dinner set for your party. This dinnerware will not only go with the traditional festive vibe but also add a touch of sustainability to the celebrations.
  • Kansa Thalis: Additionally, you can also choose to serve your guests in kansa thalis and kansa serveware that is both elegant, sustainable and perfect for serving those mouthwatering dishes.
  • Wooden Serving Trays: Choose a consciously crafted wooden tray to serve your party guests. These trays look elegant and are extremely sturdy, making them perfect to serve snacks and drinks.

Sustainable Barware

  • Copper Wine Glasses: Consider using copper wine goblets and glasses to serve drinks at the Diwali party. 
  • Eco-friendly Bar Tools: From brass cocktail stirrers to wooden bottle openers and ice tongs made of stainless steel, you can choose various sustainable bar tools and barware for your Diwali party.
  • Wooden Ashtrays: Another sustainable and stylish Diwali party accessory is a wooden ashtray that will add a touch of elegance to your home bar.
  • Wooden Coasters: Wooden coasters are eco-friendly and protect your tables and bar counters from drink stains. Thus, you can add a touch of nature to your Diwali table decoration.

3. Healthy Snacks for Diwali Party

Here is another Diwali party idea that will go with the eco-conscious theme of your party. You can choose organic and healthy snacks and beverages that are both delicious and nutritious. You can opt for various healthy snacks like ragi chips, choco almond cookies, date chocolates, granola bars, soya chips, and much more. Later, you can also serve some herbal teas for a refreshing end to the meal. 

4. Eco-friendly Party Accessories

Apart from the Diwali party decor and Diwali table decorations, you can also choose eco-friendly alternatives for party essentials such as guest invitation cards and the party entertainment. Keep reading for a few ideas.

Eco-friendly Party Invitations

The first step to hosting an eco-friendly Diwali party is sending out some eco-friendly party invitations. Instead of printed cards, consider sending digital invitations or Diwali party invitation cards made of recycled materials.

Playing Cards

A Diwali party is incomplete without some fun card games with your friends and loved ones. And since you’re throwing an eco-friendly Diwali party, choose a pack of playing cards made of recycled paper. These eco-friendly variants will throw a touch of sustainability to your game nights and are suitable for a wide range of games. 

5. Eco-friendly Diwali Party Favours

Party favours are a way for the party host to show appreciation and gratitude towards their guests with small tokens. And by choosing sustainable and eco-friendly favours, you can make your Diwali celebration even more special.

Gift Hampers

  • Healthy Hampers: Choose a health hamper that consists of mindful and healthy snacks like dry fruits, date chocolates and more.
  • Plantable Stationary Kits: Consider gifting your guests some plantable stationary items like seed pens, pencils and wooden journals as a party favour.
  • Tea Hampers: For your loved ones who are tea addicts, a set of organic teas infused with different flavours can be a perfect party favour.

Ceramic Planters

A potted plant in a cute ceramic planter is an excellent Diwali party favour that your friends will surely love. Opt for planters that are perfect for indoor and outdoor settings and can be used for different kinds of plants.

The Takeaway

Throwing an eco-friendly Diwali party is a way to prioritise the environment while celebrating this joyous occasion with your loved ones. By incorporating these ideas you can throw an amazing card party with friends or organise a family gathering. 

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FAQs on Eco-friendly Diwali Party

How to throw an eco-friendly Diwali party at home?

To throw an eco-friendly Diwali party, opt for biodegradable Diwali party decor like non-toxic rangolis, and upcycled and reusable torans, and avoid any plastic decorations. You can also choose sustainable crockery and party favours to be more mindful of the environment.

What to wear at an eco-friendly Diwali party?

For an eco-friendly Diwali party, choose festive clothing made from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton or handwoven silk. Additionally, you can also opt for ethnic wear that supports local artisans and promotes sustainability and pair it with brass jewellery.

What to wear at an office Diwali party?

Choose traditional attires that are made with natural and organic fabrics for your office Diwali party. Be it handloom silk sarees, linen kurtas, or chanderi suits. Shop from sustainable fashion brands that support local artisans and sell clothes that are made with minimum waste.

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