Diwali Outfits

With the Festival of Lights just around the corner, have you picked out your outfit yet? If you are still unsure and are looking for unique Diwali outfit ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Go through the outfit ideas and create your own Diwali outfit that will make you shine this festive season.
And while looking your best during the festival is important, it is equally important to be mindful of the world around you. Discover some Diwali dress ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and earth-friendly.

Graceful Diwali Outfit Ideas by Amala Earth

From handwoven sarees to artisanal brass jewellery and unique clutches, here is a stunning collection of Diwali dress ideas that reflect love for fashion and the environment.

1. Handwoven Sarees
2. Handcrafted Brass Jewellery
3. Clutches & Handbags
4. Linen Kurta Set

    Handwoven Sarees

    When it comes to choosing a Diwali outfit, nothing beats a graceful saree for festival. Be it an elegant silk saree, a chanderi saree or even a mul mul saree, you can find an entire collection of handwoven sarees on Amala Earth.

    1. Silk Sarees

    By opting for a silk saree for the Festival of Lights, you can choose eternal charm as these exquisite garments are evergreen and will become a cherished addition to your wardrobe.

    At Amala Earth, you can find pure silk sarees that blend traditional silhouettes with sustainable fabrics. It is also easy to style a silk saree as they are highly versatile.

    2. Chanderi Sarees

    Another Diwali outfit idea is a chanderi saree with intricate embroidery. By choosing from the exquisite collection at Amala Earth, you can embrace the charm of a classic chanderi saree weaved by local artisans.

    3. Mul Mul Cotton Sarees

    Looking for a Diwali outfit idea that is simple yet elegant? Choose a mul mul cotton saree for its comfort and sophistication. These sarees are made to be worn for longer periods of time and are perfect for a festive occasion as you will not only look great but also feel comfortable.

    Handcrafted Brass Jewellery

    To complete your Diwali ensemble, opt for handcrafted brass jewellery made by skilled artisans. By adorning these stunning pieces, you are not only choosing a timeless aesthetic but also embracing sustainability.

    1. Brass Necklace

    A brass necklace is perfect for a festive glam look as it can easily complement any traditional attire. Since chokers are making a comeback, you can also opt for a brass choker to add a vintage charm to your Diwali outfit ensemble.

    2. Brass Earrings

    To amp up your Diwali outfit, you can also choose a pair of brass earrings that feature intricate craftsmanship and can easily elevate a simple look. Choose from a variety of styles available at Amala Earth and create a festive look that will make heads turn.

    3. Brass Bangles

    Another simple way to elevate your Diwali outfit is to add brass bangles as they can act like statement pieces. They will also compliment an indo-western and modern Diwali outfit. Moreover, brass bangles are sustainable and you can choose from a range of modern and traditional designs available at Amala Earth.

    Clutches & Handbags

    Accessories can make or break your outfit. Thus, it is important to choose them carefully and pick accessories that are in harmony with your look. You can opt for clutches made of sustainable materials that complement your outfit perfectly.

    1. Metal Clutches

    Metal clutches can make the perfect accessory for your Diwali glam outfit or a casual simple Diwali outfit. You can choose from a wide variety of options available on Amala Earth and choose a statement piece that will make your look memorable.

    2. Wooden Clutches

    Looking for accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd at the upcoming Diwali 2023 party? You can consider a wooden clutch. These unique pieces are meant to add a natural element to your look that reminds you of nature and its rustic charm.

    Linen Kurta Set

    For men who are looking for Diwali outfit ideas that blend comfort and style, what’s better than a linen kurta pajama? These sets blend tradition with sophistication and sustainability. Choose a linen kurta pajama from the range of options available on Amala Earth in different soothing colours for this Diwali.

    The Takeaway

    This Diwali, let your clothes shine as brightly as the diyas and choose from these Diwali ethnic wear ideas. And make a lasting impression by choosing a traditional outfit for Diwali that is both stylish and eco-friendly. At Amala Earth, you can discover some stunning Diwali dress ideas that are both aesthetically pleasing and earth-friendly to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.

    FAQs on Diwali Outfit Ideas

    Which dress is suitable for Diwali?

    You can opt for traditional attire for Diwali to look festive-ready. Some Diwali dress ideas for women include handwoven sarees and linen kurta pajama sets for men. You can also accessorise your look with brass jewellery and more to elevate any simple look.

    What colours to wear for Diwali?

    Traditionally, people wear bright colours for Diwali including gold, yellow, orange, red, maroon, and pink. However, there are no restrictions and you can opt for any colour that you wish to wear on this auspicious occasion.

    Why do people wear new clothes on Diwali?

    According to the Hindu calendar, Diwali coincides with the Hindu New Year. Thus, it is customary to wear new clothes on this festival to signify a new beginning. Also, wearing new clothes is a way to show respect for the traditions and culture.

    What should I wear for a Diwali party?

    It is always good to follow the Diwali party dress code but if there isn’t one, pick an ethnic attire that will make you look sophisticated. You can opt for a simple look and add accessories to enhance it. For instance, adding ethnic jewellery to a western outfit is an excellent way to stand out and look boho-chic.

    Where can I find some sustainable Diwali outfits?

    When looking for responsible fashion made from sustainable processes, look no further than Amala Earth. You will find a wide array of handpicked options in the festive collection that are curated to make you look elegant and sophisticated.