Eco-friendly Diwali Home Decor Ideas for 2023

Diwali is a time when every house comes alive with vibrant colours and twinkling lights. But amid all the dazzle, it's crucial to remember our duty to the environment. In this blog, we have explored some creative home decoration ideas for Diwali that will allow you to celebrate in style while preserving the planet.

By opting for eco-friendly Diwali home decor by Amala Earth, you can prioritise the environment while respecting the festive traditions.

7 Home Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Diwali-Ready

With the festival of lights just around the corner, we have compiled a list of Diwali home decor ideas to help your home shine bright. So, get ready to transform your abode into a festive haven with these Diwali house decoration ideas.

  • Diwali Pooja Room decor ideas
  • Diwali decoration ideas for the living room
  • Diwali Lighting for Balcony
  • Wall decoration ideas for Diwali
  • Diya decoration ideas for home
  • Diwali flower decoration ideas
  • Antique Urli decoration for Diwali

1. Diwali Pooja Room Decor Ideas 

One of the most important Diwali traditions is Lakshmi Pooja. Some may say that it is the heart of the festival, which makes adorning the Pooja room with Diwali home decor an important part of the celebrations.

  • Eco-friendly Idols: From plantable Ganesh idols to brass idols, you can choose from different eco-friendly idols for your pooja room. At Amala Earth, you will find different earth-friendly and upcycled options in idols that will enhance your home decor.
  • Non-toxic Rangoli: Creating a rangoli using non-toxic colours and natural elements like rice and flower petals outside the pooja room is an excellent way to adorn the pooja room in festive colours.

2. Diwali Decoration Ideas for the Living Room

Since the living room is usually the room we entertain guests in, it is important to decorate it in a festive way for Diwali.

  • Kansa Dinner Set: If you are hosting a Diwali party or get together, choose a kansa dinner set and eco-friendly cutlery to make an earth-friendly statement. These sustainable tableware and dining options can help reduce plastic usage.
  • Cushion Covers: Change the cushion covers to add some colour and a festive theme to your living room. You can also add a beautiful centrepiece and to create a more elegant and sophisticated ambience.

For more ideas, check out the Charm of Hosting collection by Amala Earth.

    3. Diwali Lighting for Balcony

    Transform your balcony into a magical space with Diwali home decor ideas. However, remember that lighting is not limited to LED lights. You can also light up every corner of your balcony and home with festive candles and diyas available on Amala Earth.

    • Hanging Lamps: Hanging lamps are a classic choice for Diwali decor and come in various shapes and sizes. Opt for eco-friendly hanging lamps made from sustainable materials like bamboo or recycled glass to amp up your balcony while being mindful of the planet.
    • Crochet Lights: Crochet lights are a creative and eco-friendly way to illuminate your space during Diwali. These lights feature delicate crochet designs that soften the glow and add a homely atmosphere.
    • Brass Tea Lights: Brass tea light candles are stunning to look at and make for aesthetic Diwali home decoration.

    4. Wall Decoration Ideas for Diwali

    Decorating your walls is one of the most effective ways to create a joyous atmosphere at home. You can consider the following options for wall decoration this Diwali:

    • Fabric Torans and Metal Torans: Torans are decorative hangings that add colour and a festive look to the walls. You can opt for fabric and metal torans and buntings to be more planet friendly and ensure that your walls look elegant.
    • Wall Hangings and wall art: This Diwali, adorn your walls with intricate and colourful wall hangings and wall art, framed images and much more to create a joyful ambience.
    • DIY Diwali decorations: If you are looking for some DIY Diwali decoration ideas, you can try creating some handmade paper torans and decorations.

    5. Diya Decoration Ideas for Home

    Diwali is incomplete without diyas that provide a warm glow and create a serene atmosphere. You can keep the diyas as it is or paint them in bright colours to add a more personalised touch.

    • Brass Diyas: Choosing eco-friendly brass diyas not only honours tradition but also contributes to sustainability. Illuminate your home with the warm glow of these timeless Diwali essentials.
    • Mitti Diyas: This is the most classic form of diyas that add a touch of tradition and elegance to your festive decorations. These eco-friendly Diwali decorations can amp up your home and you can pair them with flower petals to create a more elegant look.

    6. Diwali Flower Decoration Ideas

    Whether you use natural flowers or artificial, flower decoration is a must for Diwali house decoration. You can create stunning flower arrangements by combining different flowers like marigolds, jasmines and roses.

    • Floral Torans and garlands: You can shop for or make eco-friendly flower torans as they not only look beautiful but also emit a lovely fragrance.
    • Flower Centrepieces: You can use fresh fragrant flowers to create floral centerpieces that add to the festive ambience.
    • Floral garlands: You can use floral garlands to wrap around your stairs or to create whole different designs.

    7. Antique Urli Decoration for Diwali

    If you are looking for a more traditional way of decorating your home, try some urli decoration ideas. An urli is a big bowl that is filled with water and other decorative elements during festivals.

    • Brass Urli: You can opt for an antique Brass urli which is essentially a wide-brimmed bowl made of brass. Fill the urli with water and add flower petals and floating candles to create an aesthetic centrepiece.
    • Clay Urli: Another type of urli is the one made with clay, which is also environmentally friendly. You can use these for both decoration and cooking at home.

    Furthermore, you can even add a few drops of essential oils or rose water to infuse the water with delightful fragrances and create a serene atmosphere at home.

    The Takeaway

    By adorning your home with these Diwali home decoration ideas, you can create an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness. Moreover, opting for eco-friendly and sustainable decor choices displays your commitment to a greener way of celebrating Diwali.

    Shop from the range of eco-friendly Diwali products on Amala Earth and light up your home with the joy of festivities.

    FAQs on Diwali Home Decor Ideas

    How can I decorate my home for Diwali?

    There are several ways to adorn your home in the spirit of Diwali. Some easy and environment-friendly Diwali home decorating ideas include creating a vibrant and eco-friendly rangoli, flower decorations, hanging beautiful torans and lanterns, and much more.

    How to decorate your living room for Diwali?

    Some unique Diwali living room decoration ideas include changing your cushion covers to vibrant, festive colours and adorning your windows with elegant drapes. You can even add an urli with stunning tea light candles and flower petals as a centrepiece to your living room to catch everyone’s eye.

    How to make decorative items for Diwali?

    If you wish to try some DIY Diwali decoration ideas, you can try your hand at decorating some diyas by painting them in delightful designs or making paper garlands and torans to beautify your entrances and doors. You can also try making a paper lantern or intricate rangoli designs to bring home the festive spirit.

    What are some wall decoration ideas for Diwali?

    To enhance the walls of your home and spruce them up, you can use fairy lights, wall hangings, lamps and lanterns, and much more. You can even use decorative wall mirrors to elevate your space and make it look bigger.

    How to do Diwali Laxmi Puja decoration at home?

    Laxmi Puja is a critical part of the Diwali celebration that holds immense religious and spiritual significance. In order to decorate your home for Laxmi puja, start by cleaning the pooja room and add pooja essentials like incense sticks, dhoop sticks, eco-friendly figurines, and lamps. You can also create a rangoli and add lotus flowers to brighten things up.

    What do you put inside an Urli?

    An Urli is a big bowl made of brass, bronze or some other material that is traditionally filled with water, flower petals and even floating candles to create a beautiful ambience. People often add aromatics like essential oils and fragrant flowers to create an even more inviting atmosphere.