Diwali 2022: A Guide To Eco-friendly Cleaning And Garbage Disposal

Just like every happiness comes with a sense of responsibility, the festival of lights is the same. Along with the zest and fervour of enjoying Diwali sweets and crackers, hides a little portion of responsibility - cleaning. People have gradually started celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly way with crackers. But, it's also time to introduce a nature-friendly way of preparing for the festival. How can people do it? By using natural cleaners and environmental-friendly garbage disposal bags.

Tips for cleaning and Diwali shopping online

Diwali gifts might be the best part of the festival, but house cleaning can also be made fun. Goddess Lakshmi is believed to enter only the well decorated and clean houses. Additionally, celebrating the festival in a neat environment can have a therapeutic effect on the people living in the house.

Listed below are the tips for enjoying the process of cleaning with a touch of eco-friendliness.

  • Find the tools: The best time to start cleaning is at least two weeks before the festival. A day or two before the cleaning day, people must bring their tools out. This would allow them the time to purchase the required products that are unavailable at their house by doing Diwali shopping online. Listed below are some important tools and products. These could be needed for effectively cleaning a house of any size.
    • Garbage bags
    • Detergent
    • Floor cleaners
    • Aromatherapy oils
    • Cloth wipes
    • Scrubs
    • Brushes
    • Broom, broomsticks or vacuum cleaners
    • Ladder
    • Dishwashing soap
  • Once these products are ready, it's time to move on to the next step.
  • Declutter: The task of cleaning becomes easier when the mess in any room is taken care of. People can start by sorting the items in their wardrobes. This could be followed by bookshelves, tables and other shelves around the house. Any unwanted item must be donated or disposed of.
    A rule of thumb that could be followed in determining the importance of items is to discard the ones that haven't been used for more than two to three years.
    After the completion of this step, the house would already feel lighter and partially organised.
  • Plan the tasks: Planning takes a significant burden off a person's chest. Tasks as time-consuming as cleaning the entire house would feel manageable if divided into small chunks. For instance, the kitchen could be cleaned in two days, one day for the bathroom, and three days for the bedroom. The number of days for every room could vary based on a person's preference and speed.
    One might be tempted to complete the most number of tasks in a day by physically burning themselves out. But this could prove harmful to their health. It's always better to space activities out and comfortably complete them.
  • Floor cleaning: In this first step of cleaning, tools taken out in the initial step would be of great help. The best way to go about this stage is by selecting the room that is the least favourite. Initially, a person's energy and motivation levels are higher than what would be in the following days. If the least favourite room is cleaned, working on other rooms wouldn't feel like a burden.
    For cleaning the floors, natural floor cleaners must be used. These plant-based cleaners keep the house away from the toxicity of chemicals. Once the floors are clean, move on to the glass windows, tables and shelves.

In this manner, every room can be cleaned effectively and swiftly.

Buy Diwali cleaning products and Diwali gifts online

People should get started with the first tip of getting their tools out as soon as possible. The natural and eco-friendly products listed below can help them in ordering the best products instantly. Additionally, they can also purchase gifts for Diwali like Diwali sweets, Diwali gift hampers, Diwali pooja thali, Diwali chocolates or Diwali crackers online.

Compostable garbage bags

This 15-piece pack contains compostable garbage bags. They are made of corn starch along with the extracts of other natural products to produce a durable and eco-friendly bag. Bamboo is one of the main elements used in the making of these garbage bags. All the ingredients combined produce a garbage bag that's lightweight, eco-friendly and flexible.

Plant-based detergent and floor cleaner

This geranium and lavender laundry detergent effectively cleans every type of garment. It leaves behind the fresh fragrance of natural flowers that works as a destresser. The formulation is also skin-friendly. Similarly, the lavender and geranium floor cleaner disinfects the floors while spreading a soothing and fragrant air in the room.

Aromatherapy oils for bathroom and living areas

Fragrance incites freshness and peace in every room. Once the house is cleaned, a fragrant oil like lavender can be sprinkled in the bathroom and living areas. They are good for increasing the warmth and comfort levels of any room.


Cleaner capsules

      This cleaning capsule can be dissolved in water. Once the solution is prepared, it can be transferred into a spray bottle and used for cleaning glass windows, mirrors and any glass surface in the house. People must shake the spray bottle properly before using the product.

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