Corporate Gifting Made Easy With Amala Earth

Corporate gifting is a terrific way to create a relationship with workers, clients, or prospects through the usage of a present, be it a tangible item, an eGift card, or an experience (such as airfare or concert tickets).

Giving clients and workers corporate hampers is a simple method to strengthen ties. But what if that present also assists you and your clients in protecting the environment and making an impact?

Sustainable gifts encourage your customers and workers to decrease waste and adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle. Instead of grabbing for another plastic pen or gift basket, consider how you might assist others in reducing their environmental effect and becoming more ecologically conscious.

Impact Of Your Selection Of Sustainable Corporate Gift Baskets

1. Ecologically sound consumption and manufacturing

Corporate hampers created using recycled stationery, such as recycled paper notepads, can reduce deforestation by 36%. Using bamboo items can reduce global warming by 42%.

2. Environmental action

Using zero-waste giving will positively affect both people and the environment while lowering the carbon footprint. Natural incense sticks might be of great assistance in this regard.

3. Taking care of life underwater

We can reduce plastic pollution and preserve millions of marine creatures by giving copper bottles as gifts. Adopting coconut bowls, which are 99% more biodegradable than plastic, will also aid in maintaining marine life. It would be better to include them in your corporate hampers.

4. Being respectful of terrestrial life

Using bamboo straws to replace 8.3 million single-use plastic straws can eliminate beach pollution. While one ton of recycled paper pencils or recycled paper notepads may save 17 trees and 40,000 litres of water, one ton of unrecycled paper pencils cannot.

Buy Eco-friendly Business Gift Baskets Online From Amala Earth

Corporate gifts are a fantastic method to enhance business ties. Corporate gift baskets for employees make a powerful statement on the organisation's ideals and social responsibility.

Managers and employees may enhance team cohesion and enthusiasm by exchanging personalised, eco-friendly executive gift baskets. Amala Earth offers eco-friendly corporate giving options for all occasions, including birthday celebrations, festivals, wellness hampers, and snackable hampers. Amala Earth allows businesses to purchase personalised corporate gifts in bulk for their staff and customers.

Types Of Eco-friendly Corporate Gift Hampers

Office Supplies

Amala Earth offers eco-friendly options for corporate hampers like recycled paper notepads, bamboo table lamps, diaries, stationery kits, etc. These things are biodegradable and may be personalised with the company name, logo, and employee's name.


Amala Earth offers sustainable laptop sleeves, eco-friendly laptop bags, backpacks, travel and promotional laptop bags, travel accessories, keychains, wallets, and other accessories. All of these may be tailored to the recipient's preferences.

Home & Family

Additionally, Amala Earth offers eco-friendly presents for home and lifestyle solutions. Popular products include artisanal teas, stoneware kulhads, home decor products, etc. Other popular presents are bamboo flasks and pen holders.

A Gift of Health

At Amala Earth, you can choose from a range of hampers centred around healthy living which come in a beautifully packaged handmade paper gift box complete with a gift tag and a sustainable cloth tote bag.


These include eco-friendly workplace gifts such as lip balms, gift baskets for foodies, and homemade soap bundles.

Choose Amala Earth for 100% Eco-friendly Gift Wrapping & Timely Delivery Guaranteed.

Advantages of Giving and Receiving Corporate Gift Hampers

There are several advantages to providing and receiving eco-friendly workplace presents.

1. Lower your carbon footprint

With eco-friendly corporate gifts, businesses may choose to make a difference and lower their total carbon impact. Most large firms utilise plastic and non-biodegradable materials for corporate presents, despite the availability of eco-friendly substitutes. If every company adopted this strategy, it would significantly reduce environmental stress.

2. Establish a sensibility culture

Even in their personal life, businesses substantially affect how their employees think and behave. Employees accept core norms and values from their company culture and incorporate them into their personal life.

3. Make a positive declaration

By presenting their employees with eco-friendly corporate gifts, businesses make a good statement about their work culture and concern for the environment. Clients are keener to work with an environmentally conscious company.

What Do Some Of The Best Corporate Gift Baskets Include?

You may give your staff a sustainable laptop sleeve, an eco-friendly jute laptop sleeve or eco-friendly laptop bag created from biodegradable jute as a welcome present. Jute is resilient because of its woody nature, and it grows without requiring a great deal of water, fertiliser, or pesticides, making it environmentally friendly.

You may also give recycled paper notepads or yearly planners created from handmade paper rather than tree-free wood pulp. A recycled paper pen is an excellent gift as opposed to plastic pens. In addition, you may select seed paper pens, which include plantable seeds at the head of the pen.

For personal care and hygiene, you may provide a nature kit with the highest quality natural and organic components, chemical-free and healthy products, and the goodness of the earth. It may include:

  •     Neem wood comb is antibacterial, anti-dandruff, and gentle on the scalp.
  •     Extra virgin organic coconut oil is beneficial for hair and skin.
  •     Organic seeds rich in fibre and minerals
  •     Coconut milk-based handcrafted soap of natural origin.
  •     Natural loofah bath scrub that perfectly cleanses and exfoliates

You may provide seed paper bands, badges, and wooden coasters to fulfil your event's requirements. Additionally, you may present sprouter grow kits, coconut bowls, and plantable pencils.

Enjoy your tea with a nature kit. A handcrafted and exquisitely constructed exquisite gift set of coconut shell tea cups will bring you closer to nature.

You may offer eco-friendly coffee cups, wooden coasters, bamboo water bottles, copper water bottles, and bamboo cutlery for a sustainable clean and green pantry.

These corporate gift baskets for employees demonstrate your concern for the environment. Amala Earth is a one-stop curated marketplace for all things earth-friendly in beauty, fashion, home, food, wellness, festive gifting and much more! Shop from a wide range of corporate gifts and hampers on