Benefits of Chyawanprash

An Ayurvedic gem that has been treasured for centuries for its myriad of health benefits is Chyawanprash. Whether it is enhancing immunity, removing toxins, or improving heart health, Chyawanprash stands tall as a versatile elixir that has transcended time. Let's embark on a journey to explore the nutritional value, ingredients, uses and benefits of Chyawanprash in depth.

What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash or chyavanaprasam is a potent ayurvedic concoction that has its roots in ancient Indian medicine. This herbal tonic is named after sage Chyawan, who first formulated it. It is a blend of a plethora of herbs, spices, ghee, and honey and is formulated through a meticulous process that leads to its therapeutic benefits.

Nutrition of Chyawanprash

As you know, the concoction is a treasure trove of nutrients such as Vitamin C, proteins, antioxidants, dietary fibre, sodium, and more. In addition, it has zero per cent cholesterol and no trans fats which is an important advantage of Chyawanprash. Let’s find out what is the nutritional value of 10 grams of Chyawanaprasam.

  • Calories - 35 cal
  • Protein - 150 mg
  • Vitamin C - 2.1 to 3.4 mg
  • Sodium - 5 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates - 7.5 grams
  • Dietary Fibre - 500 mg
  • Total Sugars - 3.5 to 5.5 grams
  • Total Fats - 750 mg
  • Saturated Fats - 300 mg
  • Trans Fats - 0 mg
  • Cholesterol - 0 mg
  • Antioxidants - 280 mg

Chyawanprash Ingredients

As mentioned above, Chyawanprash is a nutritional powerhouse with a range of advantages. But what are the Chyawanprash ingredients that are used to formulate it? Let’s find out.

  • Amla: Amla or Indian gooseberry is an antioxidant-packed with vitamin C that aids in boosting immunity and promoting your overall well-being.
  • Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha in Chyawanprash helps the body adapt to stress and supports vitality.
  • Honey: Honey is a natural sweetener that adds not only sweetness but also its own set of health benefits.
  • Ghee: Clarified butter or ghee is a carrier of fat-soluble vitamins, facilitating their absorption and promoting energy.
  • Various Herbs and Spices: These include cinnamon, cardamom, and more that contribute to the overall nutritional profile and enhance the benefits of Chyawanprash.

5 Important Benefits of Chyawanprash

From being an immunity-boosting food for kids and adults to improving your heart, digestion and respiratory health, numerous Chyawanprash benefits make it the ultimate winter essential that you must add to your diet.

1. Boosts Overall Immunity

The most important advantage of Chyawanprash is that it can boost the immune system and help make the body more resilient against different infections. The combination of Amla with various medicinal herbs creates this immunity-boosting quality to the herbal concoction.

2. Improves Digestion

Chyawanprash also boasts excellent digestive qualities that include reducing bloating, abdominal distress and flatulence. Moreover, the abundance of fibre in the tonic helps increase the metabolism and rids the body of any digestive issues.

3. Promotes Heart Health

The Arjuna and Ashwagandha in Chyawanprash makes it extremely beneficial for the cardiac functioning of the body. It strengthens the heart muscles, prevents lipid build up and lowers the cholesterol levels, which can further reduce the risk of heart attacks, blockages and blood clots.

4. Aids in Weight Loss

Did you know that an important benefit of eating chyawanprash is that it can help you shed some extra weight? Why yes! This is because of the abundance of flavonoids in Chyawanprash and dietary fibre that helps satiate the hunger pangs and prevents you from overeating.

5. Slows Down Ageing

Thanks to the abundance of antioxidants present in Chyawanprash, it is a blessing for your skin. In fact, it can help you achieve spotless skin and slow down the ageing process. Chyawanprash also shields the skin against damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, protecting the body against cellular damage. Thus, you must also consider the Chyawanprash benefits for skin.

    Chyawanprash Benefits for Female

    Here are the Chyawanprash benefits for females that can help increase their overall health and well-being:

    • Hormonal Balance: Chyawanprash benefits the hormonal balance in women of different ages. It is particularly beneficial for women navigating through phases of pregnancy or menopause.
    • Reproductive Support: Another advantage of Chyawanprash is that it can offer support to the reproductive system and have a positive effect on female reproductive health.
    • Iron Absorption: Since many women suffer from iron deficiency and anaemia, adding Chyawanprash to their diet is an excellent idea as it can help the body in iron absorption.

    Chyawanprash Benefits for Male

    This potent blend of wholesome ingredients also has some specific health benefits for men and women. Here are the Chyawanprash benefits for males that make it a worthy addition to your daily routine:

    • Vitality and Stamina: Regular consumption of Chyawanprash may contribute to higher energy levels and stamina. It can also help in promoting muscle mass and increasing overall strength.
    • Reproductive Health: Chyawanprash is believed to promote fertility and increase libido due to its aphrodisiac nature. It can also improve sperm quality and contribute to overall sexual well-being.

    Chyawanprash Uses: How to Take Chyawanprash?

    If you are wondering how to take Chyawanprash to leverage its various health benefits, keep reading. Here are some common Chyawanprash uses that can help you incorporate it in your daily routine with ease:

    • Direct Consumption: The easiest way to take Chyawanprash is to consume it directly by starting with a spoonful every morning. Take it on an empty stomach to allow your body to absorb essential nutrients.
    • Blend in Smoothies: Start your day by adding Chyawanprash to your morning smoothie for a kick of wholesome goodness. Add yoghurt, fruits and berries to make it more delicious and nutritious.
    • With Milk or Warm Water: Mix Chyawanprash with a glass of warm milk or water for an excellent bedtime ritual.
    • As a Spread: Finally, another simple Chyawanprash use is to put it on toast and crackers like a spread. This will make it more palatable than consuming it directly.

    Organic vs Normal Chyawanprash

    The primary difference between organic chyawanprash and normal chyawanprash lies in the processing and sourcing of the ingredients. However, there are some other key differences that we have listed below to help you make your choice:

    • Purity: Organic farming practices emphasise the quality and purity of the ingredients, making it a safer and healthier choice. 
    • Environmental Impact: Conventional farming practices often lead to a higher environmental impact as compared to organic farming in general. Hence, organic chyawanprash is a more earth-friendly choice.

    Lastly, organic chyawanprash is certified by relevant organic certification bodies which ensures that the product meets the relevant quality standards. Thus, to avail the benefits of chyawanprash, it is important to consider these points and make a smart choice.

    The Takeaway

    The benefits of organic Chyawanprash bolster it as an Ayurvedic gem that offers holistic wellness to kids and adults. By adding it to your diet, you can take a step towards a healthier and more resilient you. Shop for this ancient treasure and many other immunity-boosters in one place, by visiting Amala Earth, an earth-friendly initiative.

    FAQs on Chyawanprash Benefits

    Is it good to eat Chyawanprash daily?

    Yes, there are numerous benefits of eating Chyawanprash daily. Some of these benefits include increasing strength, vitality, immunity and overall well-being. It is best to set a particular time for consuming it every day.

    Can Chyawanprash be eaten at night?

    Yes, you can consume Chyawanprash at night by simply mixing it in warm milk or water. It will help soothe the body and improve your sleep quality by promoting relaxation.

    Does Chyawanprash have side effects?

    Excessive consumption of Chyawanprash can have a few side effects. Some Chyawanprash side effects include digestive issues and allergies in some people. Also, people who have particular health concerns should consult a healthcare professional before adding it to their daily diet.

    When to eat Chyawanprash?

    The best time to eat Chyawanprash is generally in the morning on an empty stomach. However, it can also be consumed at night with warm milk or incorporated into meals or smoothies. It is best to stay consistent with your timing for experiencing optimal benefits of Chyawanprash.

    What are the benefits of Chyawanprash for kids?

    There are a multitude of advantages of Chyawanprash for kids, including boosting their immunity, supporting their overall growth and promoting better mental health. Thus, parents are encouraged to add this herbal tonic to the daily routine of their kids to ensure they can harness its benefits properly.

    Is Chyawanprash good for males?

    There are many benefits of Chyawaprash for males but the major ones include improving their reproductive health and increasing stamina. Thus, men should make it a point to include this herbal gem in their daily routine.