Christmas Decor Ideas for Your Home

With Christmas around the corner, one can feel the excitement. It’s time to put up the tree, decorate the house, buy Christmas decorations for the kids, and plan for celebrations. The Christmas season is also the time to reflect on the year and welcome the new year with new resolutions. For a change, how about choosing sustainable and meaningful Christmas decorations for home décor this year?

However, as absurd as it may sound, thanks to the hectic life and the year-end run at work to achieve targets, it is quite possible that one realizes that Christmas is just days away and nothing has been planned. Helpful information on how to decorate for Christmas quickly, efficiently, and quickly is what saves the day for many during December. All that needs to be done is to log into Amala Earth and choose from some of the most unique and meaningful home decor that will set the mood for Christmas this year. 

Here is a compilation of sustainable handpicked home decor that can be ordered right away for this holiday season:

  1. Beige & Brown Pine Wood Christmas Tree Decor 

This amazing Pine Wood Christmas Tree Décor from Think Artly is one of the best buys this Christmas. Made of pinewood, this trio comprises a set of three Christmas-tree-inspired table décor that adds a unique style to the Christmas mood this holiday season. Its texture and looks can inspire a variety of uses, be it an addition to any coffee table during this season, a standalone décor in the drawing room decorated with small lights or a candle, or an innovative substitute for the traditional Christmas tree – it sure guarantees creative and positive energy this Christmas season. 


  1. Light Beige Birch Wood Christmas Bunting

The Birch Wood Christmas Bunting by Think Artly is cute and impressive. The bunting comprises five houses and six stars creatively intertwined with bright little LED lights setting the mood for a charming and joyous holiday season. The detailed engraving and through-cut on the houses and stars make the bunting rather fanciful and likable. Being made of birch wood makes it strong and durable, ensuring it graces any home for more than one Christmas season. 

  1. Beige & Brown Pine Wood Christmas Bunting 

The Beige & Brown Pine Wood Christmas Bunting by Think Artly is bound to be an enviable addition to the Christmas décor collections this year. It comprises thirteen aesthetic Christmas trees made of pinewood and birchwood cut in different styles and intertwined with bright LED lights of three meters. Hang them in the drawing room, or put them around the book rack with small colorful Christmas gift boxes and other tree goodies for a unique and stylish décor this holiday season.

  1. White Marble Utopia Urli Bowl 

The White Marble Utopia Urli Bowl by Kaksh Studio could be an unusual but very interesting addition to the Christmas décor this year. Weighing 150 grams, this Urli bowl made of pure marble can be used as a decorative piece for any side table, adding that Indian touch to the upcoming holiday season. One option could be to add small fresh jasmine flowers to the bowl filled with water and place a floating candle in it, making it a great aesthetic and soothing décor with a rich fragrance of jasmine in any room.  

  1. Bamboo Ceiling Lamp

The exquisite Bamboo Ceiling Lamp from Mianzi could be one of the most interesting Christmas décor ideas for a living room this holiday season. This simple yet aesthetically rich ceiling lamp made with bamboo promises to add class and life to any living room this year. It comes with an adjustable black electric cable that makes it easy to fit in any space.  

  1. Brass Etching Finish Knock Down Table

The Brass Etching Finish Knock Down Table by Manor House will be a rich and antique addition to any festive home décor this Christmas season. The highlight is the round tabletop plate with a superb handcrafted brass etch finish polished to a high luster. This easy-to-assemble table features an exclusive and innovative hammered effect and exudes a rich, dark bronze finish. 

  1. Cotton Grey & White Ottoman

The vintage-looking Cotton Grey & White Ottoman from Manor House is made from handpicked high-quality cotton with smooth and comfortable cushioning. With multi-purpose uses such as a footrest, seat, or coffee table, this stylish Ottoman promises to be durable, long-lasting, and a perfect addition to the Christmas home décor this year. Its light weight makes it easy to move, thus making it ideal for smaller spaces. 


  1. Handmade Pink Crochet Hearts Petals Led String Lights

The Pink Crochet Hearts petals LED String Lights from Samoolam are handmade fairy decorative lights that promise to set the mood for a warm and lovable Christmas this year. Wrap them around the tree, a bookrack, a bed, or even the dressing table to alleviate the mood in the house. It also makes an excellent gift for loved ones this Christmas with the message of love and light this holiday season.

  1. Handmade Bless The Wisdom Brass Bell

The Bless The Wisdom Brass Bell by White Light Elements will consistently remind one of ‘Gratitude and Abundance’ this Christmas season. The bell is made of brass and comes with a handmade bird over the cotton thread. It also has hand-painted words that will remind anyone and everyone about ‘Smile and Bless’ whenever they see it. This path-breaking product promises to uplift vibes and set positive goals as all prepare to enter the new year, making it an ideal gift for friends and family. 

  1. Dried & Preserved Neutral Bridal Bouquet 

The beautiful Dried & Preserved Neutral Bridal Bouquet by Vanchai is made out of dried colorful flowers that promise a happy vibe in the house this Christmas season. It will make a bright and meaningful home décor in a vase during the home Christmas party or wedding reception. Avoid direct sunlight, and no watering is required.

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