Children's Day Gift Ideas
Esha Dhawan
Oct 31, 2023

Since Children’s Day is right around the corner, you must be wondering what to gift your little ones. Well, fret not! We have an entire Children’s Day gifting guide to help you out. Embrace the opportunity to make your little bundles of joy feel special and celebrate their free spirit with these amazing Children’s Day gifts

Spark their imagination and boost creativity with these thoughtful gifts that will reflect your affection and light up your child’s world.

Why is Children’s Day Celebrated in India?

In India, 14th November is celebrated as Children’s Day every year. The occasion is meant to celebrate the pure joy of childhood and the potential of young minds. It is also the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India who envisioned a world where children would grow up to their full potential. 

Lovingly referred to as ‘Chacha Nehru’ by kids, he had a deep affection for children. Thus, his birthday is celebrated as Children’s Day in India to honour his memory and his appreciation for the little ones.

12 Creative Children’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are seeking the perfect Children’s Day gift that will bring a huge smile to your little one’s face, keep reading. Here are a few Children’s Day gift ideas that will be loved by your bundle of joy.

1. Educational Toys and Board Games

You can consider gifting educational toys and board games such as puzzles, memory games, and more as a happy Children's Day gift. Games like chess, scrabble, and Monopoly can help encourage critical thinking in your child from a young age.

2. Play Tent House or Teepee

If your child loves to spend time outdoors, here’s the perfect Children’s Day gift for him/her. A play tent house or teepee can be a perfect addition to your child’s playroom. Allow them to have a picnic or make a secret hideout in the tent and encourage their imagination.


3. Science Experiment Kit

If your child is inquisitive and has a curious mind, they will love to play with a science experiment kit. Let the little scientist in your kid shine as she experiences the wonders of science by doing different experiments. This is also an excellent Children's Day gift for students.

4. Piggy Bank

The best way to teach kids the importance of saving is by gifting them a delightful piggy bank. You can choose a cute ceramic piggy bank in colourful designs that your child will adore. This is an excellent Children’s Day gift for kids as it is both fun and educational.

5. DIY Gardening Kit

Nurture a love for nature in your child by gifting them a DIY Gardening Kit. This Children’s Day gift will allow them to get their hands dirty and cultivate their plants, which they can watch grow with time.

6. Sketch Book and Stationary

If your little one is an artist at heart, they will love a sketchbook or colouring book as a gift. You can also add coloured pencils or watercolours and feel the joy of watching them create works of art and bring their imagination to life. To add an eco-friendly spin, you can opt for plantable stationary and give your young ones a fun activity to do.

7. Playing Dough Kit

An easy way to unleash your child’s creativity while developing their motor skills is to gift them a playing doubt kit. These kits come with vibrant playing dough and tools that offer endless hours of entertainment to children.

8. DIY Stitching Kit

If your child likes to create things, introduce them to the world of sewing by giving them a stitching kit as a Children’s Day present. This gift will allow them to create masterpieces made of fabric and learn skills like embroidery and sewing.

9. Box of Chocolates

The easiest way to please your child is to gift them a box full of delectable chocolates. And if you want to ensure that their health won’t be affected, opt for healthy and vegan chocolates available at Amala Earth.

10. Journal or Diary

You can gift your child a personal diary or journal to encourage them to express their thoughts and feelings freely. Maintaining a daily journal is a healthy habit that will also help them develop mindfulness and self-awareness.

11. Crochet Dolls

Consider a charming crochet doll as a cute companion for your little one. These adorable playmates come in a variety of shapes and colours and can spark your child's creativity and imagination.

12. Denim Backpacks

Another children's day gift idea is a practical and trendy denim backpack that will help them carry their essentials for family outings, school and playdates. These backpacks are durable and versatile and provide ample space for carrying books, toys and stationary.

The Takeaway

Nurture your child’s dreams and creativity with these meaningful and fun gift ideas. Since every child is unique and special in their own way, keep your little one’s spirit and distinct personality in mind while picking out the perfect Children’s Day gift for them.

Lastly, this Children’s Day, celebrate your little ones and the joy they bring to your life with the best Children’s Day gifts by Amala Earth. You can find a carefully curated and handpicked Children's Day gifting range that is both thoughtful and earth-friendly at Amala Earth.

FAQs on Children’s Day Gift

Which gift is best for Children's Day?

Consider your child’s interests and personality while picking out a Children’s Day gift for them. For instance, if your child loves to play outdoors, you can gift them a play tent or a plantable stationary kit with real plant seeds that they can grow into plants.

What to do on Children's Day?

Children’s Day is an occasion to celebrate the spark that children bring to our world. It is a time to make them feel special and gift them something thoughtful that will nurture their creativity and imagination.

What is the best Children's Day gift for students?

The best Children's Day gift for students can be a science experiment kit, storybooks, and educational gifts that will encourage their curiosity and critical thinking skills. You can also opt for a gardening kit to teach your students useful skills like growing plants.

When is Children's Day celebrated?

Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November in India to honour the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Nehru. This is because Nehru was deeply fond of children and believed in nurturing their potential for a better future for the country. He envisioned a world that would be more loving for children and would allow them to fulfil their potential.

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