Celebrate this Festive Season with Sustainable Pooja Essentials

No festivity is complete without a pooja ceremony. In fact, most festivals are associated with gods and goddesses who were worshipped during those days. The festivals hold a special significance for all of us culturally and socially. They are celebrated to remind us of certain auspicious days in our culture.

Pooja, or the worship of gods, is a daily ritual in an Indian household, not only during festivals. Every happy occasion begins with a pooja ceremony to show gratitude to the almighty for showering his blessings. People perform a pooja ceremony even during sad or tough days to seek the almighty’s blessings. Thus, a pooja ceremony is a big part of our values and traditions passed down from one generation to another.

The pooja ceremony is like a massive event during festivals. The whole family and a large number of friends get together to celebrate. As cheerful and exciting as it sounds, it is also a lot of work. One needs to be well-prepared with all the pooja room essentials and other items required to accomplish it. Since every item or ingredient has a special significance, one cannot miss out on anything.

But don’t worry! Amala Earth has got you covered. Everything you need for an eco-friendly pooja ceremony is available on the platform. So, gear up for the upcoming festive season with Amala Earth’s wonderful and sustainable collection of pooja essentials.


Sustainable Pooja Essentials are Available Online


Make this festive season extra special with the sustainable and earth-friendly pooja essentials of Amala Earth.

    1. Brass Akhand Diya 
    1. Brass pooja essentials are very popular since brass is corrosion-resistant and gives a good finishing. This thoughtfully curated akhand diya has a sturdy base and ample space to hold oil and batti to light up the whole pooja room.One can find brass diyas in various designs and sizes on Amala Earth. A handcrafted ancient diya comes in a set of 2 or 4. Another unique piece is the panchmukhi brass diya, which is beautifully handcrafted with attention to intricate details. This diya is ideal for long-term use. It also comes in hanging form and can add to the beauty of any room. The brass elephant diya and the lotus diya are two remarkable pieces of work and are ideal for gifting this festive season.

    The akhand diya price is quite affordable, and the diyas are made from premium quality brass. Shop for these diyas online on Amala Earth to illuminate your pooja room.

      1. Cow Dung Diyas: These are special diyas made from organic and eco-friendly cow dung. They come in a set of 24 with a pack of marigold seeds. After usage, the shell can be broken and put in a pot filled with soil. These diyas are biodegradable and produce no waste. Cow dung diyas are cheaper than metal diyas. So, they are good for the environment and your pocket.

      1. Flower-based Incense Sticks: One can find countless varieties of charcoal-free incense sticks on Amala Earth. The pure sandalwood incense sticks create a calm and relaxing environment where your mind can concentrate better on the prayer ceremonies. The nag champa sticks have an exotic fragrance, a mix of jasmine or magnolia flowers and the earthly scent of the forest. The sacred tulsi sticks purify the air and protect from infections. The rooh rose sticks have an aromatic essence that brings calmness to the body and mind. They can be lighted during meditation and used as an air freshener. One can also find incense cones on Amala Earth made from upcycled waste flowers soaked in natural essential oils. These patchouli cones have a soothing and peace-inducing fragrance.
        The best thing about these incense sticks is that they are made from recycled flowers collected from places of worship. Avail these and many other varieties from Amala Earth at reasonable prices.

        1. Plantable Ganesha idol: This is a fantastic concept. The kit contains a clay Ganesha with tulsi seeds, a biodegradable pot, organic micronutrients and 5 coco coins. This is perfect for Ganesh Chaturthi. The Ganesha idol can be placed in the puja place, and the visarjan can be done in the pot provided. After a few days, you will see a tulsi plant growing from it.

          1. Ganesh Tealight Holder: This handmade tealight holder is elegantly crafted and has a gold finish that appears divine and authentic in the light of the diya. Another amazing piece is the marble tealight holder hand-carved by artisans in pure Kota marble. It can be washed after use and can be reused multiple times. A gold finish Laxmi Ganesh tealight holder is also perfect for the upcoming Diwali celebrations. It looks like a mini prayer place in itself.

            1. Ghee Diya Battis: These diya battis are hand-rolled and soaked in pure cow ghee. They have a purifying, meditative and sattvic effect on the ambience. These readymade battis are easy to use. You can light a diya daily to create a spiritual atmosphere in your house.

              1. Brass Diya Stand: This diya stand comes in a traditional antique finish with a hand-etched alpana design. Another antique finish stand is the panch diya stand, which can hold five diyas at once. This diya stand gives a beautiful elevated look to your diyas.

                1. Pooja Thali: Pooja thali is a basic item where you place the diya, flowers, vermillion and other items needed to perform the pooja ceremony. With its shine and exuberance, this brass pooja thali is nothing short of royalty. Another option is the Kansa thali. Kansa is an alloy of copper and tin which is considered good for health according to Ayurveda. There is also wooden pooja thali that gives a classic look to your puja space.

                It’s time people embrace a sustainable lifestyle that is good for them and the planet. Amala Earth is happy to help anyone on the path to sustainability with its eco-friendly products in food, home décor, wellness, beauty, fashion and whatnot.