Celebrate an Earth-Friendly Holi

The first thing that comes to mind when we say Holi - colours. The hands are full of red, pink, yellow, orange and more. While there is love, joy, warmth, and happiness, chemical-based colours can intervene in the fun. To enjoy the festival at its best, we can switch to herbal gulaal, organic thandai and other natural products. 

  1. The chemicals present in the regular colours have an adverse effect. Using natural Holi colours is suggested for reduced impact. The use of plastic balloons is another concern for environmentalists. The excessive use of plastic during the festival of colours harms us and the environment. 

Here are a few ways to celebrate an earth-friendly Holi.

Ways to Celebrate Earth-Friendly Holi

Don't scare yourself by hearing the adverse effects of the festival. Here are a few you can celebrate the festival without harming anyone.

Buy Natural Colours 

  1. When it comes to buying Holi colour powder, go for organic colours. There are many non-toxic colours available in the market. A few options include orange, kesari, blue and green, etc. You can also buy them in a pack of five or more for additional discounts. However, ensure your purchase from a reliable source.

Do Not Use Plastic

Apart from using herbal gulal colour, avoid plastic. Many states have prohibited the use of plastic in India. Plastic can harm plants, animals, and the environment as a whole. Landfills are already full of trash; it is best to reduce the burden. The festival witnesses extreme plastic usage, and it is suggested to avoid the same. 

Avoid Water Balloons

  1. You must have experienced getting hit by a water balloon during the Holi season. Kids and adults fill the balloons with water and colour to hit each other. While it is a lot of fun, much waste is produced. You can apply organic colours instead of mixing them in water and filling balloons. 

Avoid Putting Colour on Animals

  1. Many people involve animals in their Holi celebrations. The chemicals in colour can cause rashes, allergies, and even blindness. Even if you use organic colours, keeping the animals away is best. It is because even inhaling the powder can cause respiratory infections. Keep your furry friend indoors for safety concerns.

Dance, sing, eat, and put abir colour and make the most of your celebrations. You can celebrate the festival without negatively affecting the environment. Remember the above tips next time when you gear up for the celebrations. 

Why are Organic Colours Better for Holi? 

  1. While all colours look the same, they are different. Organic or herbal colours are made of natural ingredients. Here are a few reasons why you should pick them over chemical-based colours.
  • Chemical colours and the environment do not go hand in hand. The chemicals deteriorate the land and water quality. In contrast, the herbal Holi colours are safe and have no such impact.
  1.  Natural colours will not damage your skin and cause rashes or redness. However, the same cannot be said for chemical-based colours. The organic colours also get easily washed away and do not stick to the skin for long.
    • Most herbal colours are 100% natural and do not contain any toxic substances. They are free from artificial colours and chemicals. Get a high-quality colour from a reputed brand for the best experience.
    1.  Organic colours are suited for everyone. People with sensitive skin or allergies will find it convenient to use them. They will not trigger rashes or itchiness and allows you to enjoy the festival.
    2. The above reasons are enough for you to try the natural colours this festival season. You can also send your family a gift hamper made of these colours. 

      Bottom Line 

      Do not get confused about the market's vast pool of colour options. Look for brands that have experience and sell authentic products. Check the ingredients used to make the right choice. You can also compare a few brands and products to decide better.

      Say no to skin, hair, or eye damage with the natural colours. Order organic or herbal colours for this Holi and have more fun.