Boost Immunity With Organic Murabbas

Murabba is a tangy and sweet preserve of any fruit. Its preparation involves boiling and mixing fruits with spices and sugar. Murabbas, therefore, pack the benefits of the original fruit and the spices that are mixed into it.

  1. The flavourful murabba can be found in almost all Indian homes. While Amla ka Murabba remains a hot favourite, people also relish carrot murabba, apple murabba, and bel murabba. Murabbas are not only rich in taste but also have saeveral medicinal benefits.

This blog post highlights the best organic murabbas offered by Amala Earth, their nutritional value, and their health benefits.

Amla Murabba

  1. Amla ka murabba is made from the Indian gooseberry. Known for its stark sour and sweet taste, this murabba works wonders on immunity, skin, and hair. Since amla murabba packs vitamin C, vitamin A, polyphenols, calcium, iron, and magnesium, it offers holistic health care.

Health Benefits

  •         Boosts immunity
  •         Curbs acne and pimples
  •         Relieves constipation
  •         Tackles arthritis pain
  •         Prevents ulcers
  •         Anti-ageing properties
  •         Boon for anaemic individuals
  •         Controls high cholesterol levels
  •         Relieves menstrual cramps
  •         Beautifies skin and hair
  •         Improves eyesight

How to Consume

  •         Amla murabba can be consumed twice per day.
  •         Morning consumption of amla murabba is considered the best. Doing so promotes digestion and provides relief from arthritis pain.
  •         Amla Murabba consumed on an empty stomach benefits the skin.

Carrot Murabba

  1. Gajar murabba or organic carrot murabba is a top Unani medication recipe. It has proven benefits for several visual difficulties and eye disorders. Furthermore, this nutrient-dense sweet preserve is used as a general health tonic. It is a great immunity booster and helps with mental stress, exhaustion, and weakness.

Health Benefits

  •         Prevents ageing
  •         Relives fatigue
  •         Strengthens the heart and digestive system
  •         Sharpens the mind
  •         Manages cholesterol level
  •         Keeps a check on heart diseases
  •         Increases blood circulation
  •         Curbs acidity and gastritis
  •         Boosts immunity
  •         Protects from respiratory disorders and infection

How to Consume

  •         Carrot murabba is a wonderful accompaniment to any kind of meal.
  •         Ayurvedic practitioners recommend consuming carrot murabba each morning to extract maximum health benefits.

Ginger Murabba

  1. Since ancient times, ginger murabba has been consumed along with a regular diet. The tangy and tasty ginger murabba is beneficial in treating various health issues. The goodness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger can be reaped through these organic murabbas.

Health Benefits

  •         Boosts immunity
  •         Prevents oxidative stress
  •         Treats loss of appetite
  •         Helps with muscle pain
  •         Beneficial in arthritis and joint pains
  •         Eases menstrual cramps
  •         Curbs morning sickness, nausea, and gastrointestinal problems
  •         Relieves constipation
  •         Improves brain health
  •         Cuts the risk of Alzheimer's disease
  •         Lower cholesterol and glucose levels
  •         Reduces the risk of heart disease
  •         Fights common cold and flu

How to Consume

  •         Ginger murabba can be eaten with any meal.
  •         Eating one ginger murabba after a meal aids in digestion.
  •         It curbs motion sickness when consumed while travelling.

Bamboo Murabba

  1. Ayurveda upholds the use of bamboo stems, leaves, flowers, and springs for treating various diseases. Bamboo specifically aids the overall growth of children and helps them grow taller, sharper, and stronger. Bamboo murabba is another delightful treat that is acknowledged for its sweet and sour notes. Apart from tantalising the taste buds, these organic murabbas kill stomach worms and enhance immunity.

Health Benefits

  •         Purifies the blood
  •         Assists in natural weight loss
  •         Regulates the digestive system
  •         Bamboo is also a natural diuretic. Therefore, it helps with detoxification.
  •         Controls blood pressure
  •         Reduces fatigue and allergies

How to Consume

  1.          Bamboo murabbas can be savoured at any time of the day.
  •         It is best to eat them after food.


Key Takeaways

Organic murabbas are a powerhouse of health benefits. However, they must be consumed in moderation! One to two pieces of murabba in a day is sufficient for an adult. Overconsumption of the same can upset the stomach!

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