Best Summer Foods To Keep You Refreshed

Keeping our bodies hydrated and nourished with healthy foods is essential as the temperature only rises during the summer. Eating a balanced diet and adding a few summer food items is crucial to staying fit. 

We will explore some healthy summer food to beat the heat. They will give your body the nutrients it needs during the surging temperature. There are plenty of delicious and nutritious options, like natural gulkand, organic sattu, natural honey, etc. So, let's dive in and discover the best foods to keep you cool this summer!


Gulkand is a rose petal preserve, sunbaked in earthen pots for over a month. The cooling properties of gulkand are effective in providing relief from the summer heat and rashes. You can get Gulkand Paan for your post-dinner dessert rituals meanwhile also preventing gastric issues. 

It is believed that rose petal preserves improve digestion and is among the top summer food items in India. The blood-purifying properties of gulkand are known for enhancing overall health and skin complexion.

Besides the above options, gulkand jam and coconut gulkand laddoo make it to our best summer foods list. Gulkand jam is an excellent summer coolant and is rich in antioxidants and with zero refined sugar. If you are looking for summer detoxification, it can help. 

Besides, the coconut gulkand laddoos blend vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, natural sugar, antioxidants, etc. They are highly influential in fighting common infections and viruses. 


Sattu has been popular for its affordability, easy accessibility and high protein content. While sattu has been a popular ingredient in Bihar cuisines, it has spread across India. It plays the role of a summer cooler in dishes like ‘Sattu ka Paratha’ and ‘Litti’. 

Sattu drink is immensely popular during summer and works as an energy booster. You can also try Sattu Laddoos to boost your immunity. The versatility of Sattu makes it one of the best options for your summer foods and drinks


You can use honey as a sweetener during summer and strengthen your immunity further. The Wild Forest Honey is sourced from the Sundarbans Forests and can be mixed with tea or coffee. The mild floral aroma and the sweet taste makes honey vital summer foods in India

From sweetening your beverages to pancakes, organic honey has multiple uses. Honey is a natural sugar replacement and offers tremendous skin and health benefits. 

Bottom Line 

Takeaway -

  • Eating a balanced diet and adding a few summer food items is crucial to staying healthy during summer.
  • Gulkand is a top summer food item in India that provides relief from heat and rashes.
  • Sattu, a high-protein ingredient, works as a summer cooler in dishes and drinks.
  • Choosing foods that improve digestion and keep the body cool is essential during summer.

The risk of dehydration, indigestion, and food poisoning increases in summer. Therefore, choosing food that improves digestion and keeps your body cool is essential. By incorporating the above summer foods, keep yourself fresh, nourished, and hydrated.

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