Best Selling Products In Natural Selfcare & Beauty
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Mar 28, 2023

Self-care is generally synonymous with the use of the right products on your skin. In a world where the side effects of using chemical-based products are well-known, people are starting to take responsibility for their skin and the planet by consciously choosing organic products. Made with fragrant essential oils and special herbs, the top self-care products improve the texture and health of the skin while enhancing the wearer's beauty.

Despite knowing the benefits, a lack of understanding in terms of the right brand or ingredients confuses people. So, is there a trusted way of knowing the efficiency of chemical-free nail polish or attar perfume? Yes, there is.

Amala Earth aims to create a safe and sustainable environment through environmentally friendly items. The quality of their products is always at par with the traditional ones despite being organically sourced from the soil.

Keep reading to explore the range of bestselling products in self-care.

Top Self-care Products for Men and Women

Self-care is not limited to men or women. Products that make people feel better about themselves are the key to unlocking confidence and happiness every morning. Listed below are the top products in the self-care category. People can buy these for themselves or surprise their loved ones by gifting them. The list includes perfume for him, her, chemical-free lipstick, and many more products.

  • Metallic Nail Polish: This natural nail polish in pink champagne colour is vegan. Compared to other nail paints, the vegan nature of this product offers several unmissable benefits. The colour stays on the nails for about 7 to 10 days, protecting them from the harmful chemicals that otherwise come with traditional nail paints.
    When the chemicals in traditional nail paint interact with nails, they tend to cause yellowing. The presence of formaldehyde is responsible for this side effect. Using this organic nail polish will save the stress of unwanted reactions while offering a diva-like shine on the nails.

  • Copper Tongue Cleaner: Keeping the benefits of copper in mind, this tongue cleaner is designed to keep the bacterial load on the tongue at bay. When copper interacts with the skin of the tongue, it may improve the sense of taste. Additionally, regular use saves people from the embarrassment of bad breath. So, overall, this product not only cleans your tongue but also takes care of complete oral health.
    Just like any other tongue cleaner, this product is 5.5 inches long and easy to hold. It comes in a pack of two, and both men and women can use it. The best way to ensure the product's longevity is by washing it with warm water after use, if possible.

  • Babul Toothbrush with Travel Case: This toothbrush has a 100% babul wood handle. Maintaining hygiene in your dental region is known to eliminate the chances of oral infections. The product comes with a travel case made of mango wood. The nature of this type of wood makes it resistant to water. Thus, people can quickly place the toothbrush back in the case without worrying about a foul odour.

  • Attar Perfume: The Kesar Chandan Attar Perfume contains sandalwood and saffron oils. If applied during the day, it may increase your efficiency at work by calming your nerves. At night, this attar for men and women can be applied on the pillow covers to get a good night's rest.

  • Natural Lipstick: Just Herbs Natural Lipstick carries the benefits of ayurvedic herbs to nourish and moisturise lips while giving them a beautiful colour. This product presents mini-sized samples in 16 colours to provide the benefit of versatility to the person who wears them. From parties and offices to casual hangouts, these shades can be worn anywhere and everywhere to define the shape of lips. The colour stays put for about 6 hours without fading.


A vegan metallic nail polish helps in stopping the yellowing of nails. With a copper tongue cleaner, bacteria on the tongue will find no place to stay. The pleasant fragrance of the attar perfume, the rich shade of the natural lipstick, and the raw benefits of using a babul toothbrush are unmissable. Get these products from Amala Earth at the best prices!
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