Amala Earth’s Guide to the Best Earth-friendly Christmas Gift Hampers 2021

Christmas is approaching fast. That means a lot of parties and a lot of gift-giving. Depending on who you are, you may be the person who invests a lot of thought and effort and enjoys buying gifts. Or, you are the person who hates shopping or doesn't know what to buy. Either way, gift hampers make great Christmas gifts for anyone in your life. 

But first, let's talk about sustainability and the eco-friendly nature of gift-giving. You might have observed how much plastic and other unsustainable things are involved in gifts, from the products, packaging, wrapping, and materials. A lot of unnecessary waste is produced every year due to gift-giving events. The good thing is that we see an improvement in awareness, increasing the demand for sustainable, non-toxic products in the market.

Gift hampers are one of the most effortless ways to incorporate sustainable and quality products. There are other advantages to them. They are easy to buy, save time, and increase awareness of sustainable products. 

A few gifts hamper ideas for the Christmas and holiday season:

Earth-friendly gift hampers for self-care

If you know someone who loves taking care of themselves, then this is the gift hamper for them. These are also great for people who love skincare, hair care, and relaxing products. As a bonus, all these are made from organic substances that are eco-friendly and skin-friendly. So, they work great for everyone without causing any side effects.

Amala earth self-care gift box - is an ultimate gift hamper that contains everything one needs for daily self-care. The hamper comprises all-natural and handmade products. It also comes with a gift coupon.

Pamper me pretty organic skincare kit - this kit contains luxurious skincare products to soften and smoothen skin. It includes body butter, body and foot soak, lip butter, and lip scrub.  

Self-care organic combo pack, 300 grams - this gift hamper is for someone who loves a spa day. It contains a hair pack, face toner, and a body and foot soak. These products help you relax and distress with spa vibes.

Face mask combo - is for someone who loves a good face mask. It has two face masks and a toner. 

Earth-friendly Gift hampers for food lovers

Food-related gift hampers are great for really anyone. They can contain just one type of item, like chocolates, or they can have an assortment of different things. You can never go wrong with this gift hamper. And all the items in the following baskets have ethically sourced ingredients, organic, gluten-free, eco-friendly, sustainable products.

Amala earth gift box - is the ultimate gift box for all who love organic food products. It has an enormous assortment of food-related products like honey, tea, muesli, gluten-free snacks, brews, and candles. 

Organic spices premium Assam tea gift box 60 packets - If you have someone in your life who loves tea, this set contains premium Assam tea packets with six flavors.

16 premium protein bars and 3 scented candles - are for someone with a sweet tooth. The hamper contains 16 tasty mithais that have a lot of protein and zero added sugar with 70% cashews, almonds, and dates.

Eco-friendly curvy platter hampers - this is a two-in-one gift hamper. It comes with an aesthetically pleasing platter that can be used to serve food during holidays. This hamper also comes with honey, butter cookies, and potpourri.

Earth-friendly Gift hampers for kids

It is essential to introduce kids to sustainable living as early as possible. But, finding eco-friendly gift hampers for kids can be challenging. Following are a few gift hampers curated just for them.

Amala earth kids gift box - contains an assortment of stationery, snacks, a jute bag, and an upcycled toy. It is a special gift box curated by Amala Earth for kids.

Eco Friendly personal care and stationery gift box - has four toothbrushes, a plantable notebook, pencils, and a coconut shell candle made with soy wax.

Handcrafted wooden flip flop set of 5 - is a wooden flip-flop set, painted with bright non-toxic colors. 

Earth-friendly Gift hampers for people who love healthcare products

The festive season can be difficult for someone trying to stay fit and healthy. The following hampers make great gifts for those who prefer healthy products that taste great.

Amala earth immunity box - is a curated gift box that contains food products that are healthy, tasty, and have zero added sugar. These products are also immunity boosters.

Amala earth health box - is also a curated box that has many healthy food products from different companies

9 premium protein bars and 2 scented candle gift boxes - is a sweet box made with high protein, zero sugar, clean ingredients that are healthy and tasty.

Assorted turmeric wellness kit - has four types of teas, each made with different herbal ingredients.

Earth-friendly Gift hampers for someone you don't know what to buy 

There are many kinds of products that come under this category. The following are a variety of gift hampers that you can give anyone when you have no idea what to buy.

Amala earth care box - you cannot go wrong with this assorted healthy food and snacks box that anyone can enjoy.

Coconut soap dish with artisanal soaps - everyone uses soaps. This set has handmade luxurious soaps and an eco-friendly soap dish.

Zero waste travel kit - this sustainable travel set can be handy for anyone. It has all travel essentials with reusable products.


Gift hampers made with all-natural, eco-friendly materials and products make great gifts for everyone. They are an excellent way to try new products, discover new brands, and learn more about sustainability. With these gift hampers, you can also introduce someone to a sustainable and earth-friendly lifestyle.