Amala is the purest form of existence in consciousness. In the Buddhist tradition, it is the 8th and highest state of consciousness. In Sanskrit, the word “amala” means pure. 

When the seed of Amala.Earth was planted, we visualized a mindful tree, with branches growing in pure consciousness, authenticity and love (for humans and the earth!).

From the highest level of purity, we envisaged encompassing the entire range of existence right down to earth. Over the last few years there has been a growing awareness of the depletion of the health of the Earth. Deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, slaughterhouses, destruction of the nature’s biodiversity, global warming, air pollution, forest fires, unprecedented earthquakes, tsunamis and the El Nino effect are all a result of human intervention on the Earth’s natural laws.

Slowly but steadily, these unconscious actions began to raise its ugly head of devastation. A few conscious individuals began to voice concerns.

At we hope to be one of those voices. We love purity and we love the earth. We hope to build a like-minded community that nurtures the earth and is in synch with the purity of the nature. Whether it is in what we eat, wear or use at home, we aspire to be vigilant and constantly aware of making responsible choices. Consciously, we would like to align our consumer habits to support nature rather than deplete it. 

Purity for us means to be as natural as possible. “Ethical Beauty” is a term now used for cosmetics and toiletries that refrain from animal cruelty and harmful chemicals. Chemicals and toxic ingredients harm our bodies even though it may not be apparently visible. We support, for example, Ayurvedic products that are compiled of herbs and natural oils. 

In the food department we encourage being mindful in our choices for fresh, local and seasonal vegetables and fruits. Plant based eating is now considered not only healthy for us but can also help in lifestyle disease reversal such as diabetes, cancer and autoimmune diseases. We want to promote lost ancient grains and millets to replace processed foods. Not only are these grains local but they are also far more nutrient dense than our everyday white rice and white flour. 

The fashion industry too is known for its fast turnover of trends that create a lot of wastage. Sustainable clothing, upcycling and recycling clothing, vegetable and natural dyes as opposed to chemical dyes, all support to save the Earth’s resources. 

It seems like a long and arduous task but we at Amala Earth want to take that one small step to make it easy for those who are already conscious and for those who are aspiring to be more conscious, to access earth friendly products that are carefully curated and available under one roof.

When this paradigm shift happens to the consumer, a new and pure world will emerge. This pure world will respect the environment that we live in and begin to understand that nature does not need us but we need nature. Consumer choices will be more in harmony with the very essence of our being. When we really understand that our human bodies are intrinsically intertwined with the five elements of our environment, only then can we see ourselves as an extension of the natural world we live in. Very gradually, the Earth will begin to heal as we heal ourselves from wrong-thinking driven by sensory pursuits.