Benefits of Khapli Wheat

The simple, humble chapatis, or rotis find a place on every plate in Indian households. And wheat flour is a staple in every Indian kitchen. However, a lesser-known alternative for wheat flour that holds an abundance of benefits is Khapli wheat.

Be it the delightful nutty flavour or its numerous health benefits, Khapli Atta is here to stay. Keep reading to learn several Khapli wheat benefits.

What is Khapli Wheat?

Also known as Emmer wheat, Khapli flour is a wheat variant that is loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fibres. Its low GI makes it a really attractive option for those who have diabetes, and cardiovascular issues, and helps one to lose weight.

The gluten content is lower than the regular variant and hence it is also referred to as ‘gluten-free’ wheat. We have covered the various khapli atta benefits in detail below.

Benefits of Khapli Wheat

If you are looking to switch from your normal wheat to khapli wheat, here are a few important khapli wheat flour benefits you should be aware of. Not only is khapli wheat rich in dietary fibre, but also in antioxidants and proteins that are needed to stay healthy.

1. High in Fibre

Fibre in food is important for several reasons such as a healthy bowel system, lowering of cholesterol, and maintaining the right blood sugar levels in the body. Khapli wheat is a rich source of both soluble and non-soluble fibre. Ragi is perhaps the only other grain that matches the fibre content of Khapli wheat.

2. Rich in Antioxidants

Khapli wheat is an excellent source of polyphenols, an important antioxidant that helps remove free radicals from your body. Thus, regular intake of Khapli wheat can help in preventing cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. 

3. Rich in Proteins

The high protein content in Khapli wheat helps develop strength in muscles and also aids in muscle repair. These proteins also ensure good satiety levels keeping you fuller for a longer period.

4. Helps Control Diabetes

Khapli wheat has a low glycemic index (GI) that helps in keeping our blood glucose levels in check. It helps reduce blood glucose in chronic diabetic people. In addition to low GI, Khapli also contains high fiber that further aids in maintaining healthy sugar and lipid levels in the human body.

5. Full of Vitamins and Minerals

Khapli wheat is a rich source of Vitamin B3 or Niacin that helps in lowering cholesterol, prevents arthritis, and aids in optimal brain function. In addition, Khapli wheat is also rich in magnesium and iron and is often recommended during and post-pregnancy.

6. Good for Pregnant Women

Khapli wheat can be a good choice for pregnant women because it is packed with essential nutrients like iron, folate, magnesium, and zinc. These nutrients are significant for the health and development of both the mother and the baby. For example, iron helps prevent anaemia which is a common condition among pregnant women.

Khapli Atta benefits

(Image: Khapli Flour)

Difference Between Khapli Wheat & Normal Wheat

Khapli wheat or Emmer wheat and normal wheat differ from each other in multiple ways. To understand khapli wheat vs normal wheat, keep reading.

1. Higher Nutrient Levels

Khapli wheat is found to have twice the amount of fibre and protein as compared to the regular variant of wheat. It is rich in dietary fibre, protein, and other important nutrients like iron, magnesium, and zinc.

2. Easy to Digest

Unlike the regular variant of wheat that may cause constipation and tight bowel movement, Khapli wheat is easily broken down by the human digestive system. Thus, it is the preferred choice for people with sensitive stomachs.

3. Helps Manage Blood Sugar

One of the most special Khapli wheat benefits is its low GI which delays the release of sugar in the body. Clinical studies have proved that diabetics using Khapli wheat see an 11% drop in their triglycerides, lipids, and LDL cholesterol concentrations.

Khapli Wheat Side Effects

Here's a fact. Khapli wheat is considered to be a safe grain for consumption and is safer than the regular wheat variants due to lower gluten. However, for those who have a history of gluten intolerance (Celiac disease), there can be mild side effects of khapli wheat. Also, they should start using Khapli wheat flour in small quantities to check its tolerance before making the switch.

Why is Khapli Wheat more Expensive?

Unlike the regular variant of wheat, Khapli wheat grains are longer and its flour is reddish in colour. It is ground using a traditional stone flour mill to ensure all the nutrients in the grain are retained. This is the reason Khapli wheat flour is more expensive than its regular counterparts. However, the specific prices may vary depending on the brand and the process used to produce the ingredient.

Amala Earth Recommends: Khapli Wheat Products

Featured below are handpicked products made of Khapli wheat that you must add to your list of healthy food every day. Be it your first time or if you are a regular user of Khapli wheat, order Khapli atta online on Amala Earth.

Khapli Wheat Atta | Diabetic Friendly 

Praakritik’s Khapli Wheat Atta is made from 100% organic Khapli wheat sourced from certified organic farms in Karnataka. Full of minerals and vitamins, combine it with legumes to get a complete protein source that will be an awesome addition to your vegetarian food.

Khapli Sevai Kheer Mix | Vermicelli 

The Khapli Sevai Kheer Mix by Two Brothers is a traditional milk-based dessert mix made from handmade Khapli vermicelli. The mix also includes dry fruits, roasted nuts, saffron, and green cardamom. It does not contain refined sugar or any synthetic flavours.

Khapli Whole Grain | Organic

Two Brother’s Khapli Whole Grain pack comprises a 100% natural heirloom variety of wheat – not refined or polished, and certainly no additives. Its flour can be used to cook delicious chappatis/phulkas and is also an excellent choice for cakes, biscuits, and pies. Lately, it is also being used to prepare sourdough bread with natural flavours added.

The Takeaway

Due to the excessive benefits and wonders of khapli wheat over normal wheat, this ancient grain has become increasingly popular. From aiding digestion and weight loss to being a powerhouse of nutrients, khapli flour has become the ideal choice for health enthusiasts. So, hop on the bandwagon and shop for Khapli wheat and other mindful eating essentials at Amala Earth.

FAQs on Khapli Wheat Benefits

Is Khapli wheat better than normal wheat?

Due to the several benefits of khapli wheat, it is considered better than normal wheat. It consists of more essential nutrients and is easy to digest. Moreover, it is rich in fibre, proteins and vitamins, making it especially good for people with diabetes, celiac disease and pregnant women.

Is khapli wheat good for diabetes?

Since khapli wheat is low in glycemic index (GI), it is useful for keeping your blood sugar in check. In addition, it also helps in decreasing blood glucose for chronic diabetic people. Thus, khapli wheat benefits people suffering from diabetes.

Is Khapli wheat gluten-free?

Khapli wheat consists of a lower gluten content than normal wheat but it is not completely gluten-free. However, it is the ideal choice for people who have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. They should use khapli wheat in smaller quantities and proceed accordingly.

Does Khapli wheat aid in weight loss?

Yes, since khapli atta is rich in fibre and protein, it helps you feel full quickly and aids in weight management. And the balanced nutrient content as well as high fibre can help in maintaining a good metabolism.

Is Khapli wheat difficult to digest?

Khapli wheat is generally considered easier to digest for some individuals compared to other wheat variants. This is because Khapli wheat contains a different type of gluten, and its properties may make it more digestible for some people.