After-Diwali skincare essentials to fight pollution

Diwali is a festival of light and happiness. Bursting crackers have been associated with this festival for a long time. Crackers make the Diwali festivities even more enjoyable, but unfortunately, these pose a threat to our environment. The deteriorating air quality is one of the leading causes of harming people’s health, especially skin and hair.

Most people feel itchiness and irritation on their skin right after Diwali. Depending on the skin type, the skin damage can range from mild to extreme, resulting in rashes, allergies and skin diseases. So, it’s important to take good care of the skin, and protect it from any adverse effects of the pollution caused during Diwali.

Nowadays, many skincare products are available in the market that can help people shield their skin from polluted air. These products can protect the skin from the harmful effects of polluted air and toxic particles and prevent acne and pimples developed due to binge eating mouth-watering delicacies during the festive season. Moreover, people want to look their best at festivals. Thus, everyone needs the best beauty products to glam up for the Diwali celebrations.

If you’re wondering where you can get the best skincare products, you have come to the right place. At Amala Earth, one can find a wide variety of beauty products, ranging from natural skincare and hair care to makeup and oral care products. These high-quality products are made from natural, organic and sustainable ingredients, thus promoting ethical beauty.

Some skincare measures that people can take to safeguard their skin once the Diwali celebrations are over are as follows:

  • Deep cleanse your skin:

Post-Diwali festivities, people need to deep cleanse their skin with scrubbing and toning to get rid of polluted toxins from their skin. Apply the best skincare products containing vitamin E, essential oils and face wash that can give you glowing and clear skin.

  • Apply sheet masks:

Sheet masks are another solution and are easy to apply. It nourishes your skin with gel and adds moisture to dull skin. Sheet masks are hydrating and should be applied post-Diwali rituals. Amala Earth's sheet masks are rich in hydration and can add glow to your skin. 

  • Avoid makeup:

Avoid makeup after Diwali for a few days to get rid of the impact of dust and impurities on the skin. Let the skin fully relax and breathe for a few days. If you have to, apply only natural and herbal skincare products. 

  • Eat healthy food:

Other than natural and herbal products, healthy eating also positively impacts your skin and your entire well-being. So, eat healthy and green food post-Diwali celebrations. 

  • Steam and spa:

Steam and spa sessions are the best skincare routine. These sessions will extract all dust and toxic particles from your skin pores and give a new life to your skin. 

All these measures can be taken conveniently at your home with the help of amazing natural skincare products available on Amala Earth.

Let’s have a look at some of the products from Amala Earth’s vast collection.

Best natural skincare products available online

  1. Anti-pollution day cream

      This day cream is a must-have to tackle pollution this festive season. It is oil-free and helps the removal of pollutants from the skin cells. This purifies the skin and makes it radiant and youthful. It contains SPF 30, soybean and beetroot extract in a cream base and sea salt extracts that protect the skin from harmful UV rays, leaving your skin bright and glowing all day long. Use it twice a day for the best results.


      1. Khadi natural face wash

          This herbal face wash can be a saviour from pollution every day, not just on Diwali. It contains natural ingredients, such as aloe vera extract, rose water, wheatgerm oil and tea tree oil. It is a highly refreshing face cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin and removes impurities and toxins from the skin. It prevents acne and pimples and gives smooth, clear and hydrated skin.


          1. Anti-pollution cleansing lotion

            This organic lotion is made from several natural ingredients, such as bamboo leaf extract, blue chamomile, ginger, avocado, argan seed oil and castor seed oil. It is particularly made for sensitive skin but can be used for all skin types. 
            One can use it as a first and second cleanse in the double-cleansing method to give a deep and thorough cleansing. It can be used at the end of the day to get rid of the day’s dust or pollutants and even to remove makeup.
            Buy this lotion from Amala Earth to get ready for the upcoming Diwali celebrations.


            1. Herbal nourishing massage cream

              This massage cream is the best herbal night cream for glowing skin that can regenerate and revitalise dull, dry and lifeless skin. Its herbal ingredients act as antioxidants and provide nutrition to the skin. It is a perfect blend of precious herbs and oils, such as ashwagandha, tulsi, sandalwood, sunflower and moringa seed oil, coconut extracts, aloe vera and jojoba oil.
              Use the massage cream daily at night to nourish your skin and give it a youthful radiance.


              1. Anti-pollution moringa hair cleanser

                Apart from the skin, the hair is also adversely affected by air pollution daily. Moreover, Diwali crackers emit harmful gases that can deteriorate the quality of hair. To avoid such a situation and keep your hair smooth and strong, use the hair cleanser by Daivik Moringa. It contains moringa that purifies and shikakai that strengthens and conditions the hair. The wheat protein prevents the hair from breakage and the silk protein retains moisture. It is free from any harmful chemicals, such as sulphate and paraben.
                This Diwali, gift yourself this fantastic hair cleanser at a very affordable rate from Amala Earth.

                These are a few of the amazing organic skincare products available at Amala Earth.

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