Affordable Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift that is both—cute and affordable—gets pretty overwhelming. Add to this the fact that the recipient is an eco-conscious buyer, and the task will get even more complicated. 

Nothing beats the beauty of affordable, meaningful, long-lasting, and eco-friendly gifts. They come in all fancy colours, styles, and designs, giving you a wonderful range of options. They are also comparatively cheaper than regular gifts. 

If you are searching for the best eco-friendly gift ideas for your loved ones, this post is for you. These gift ideas will help you do your part for the planet. Let’s discover some useful, sustainable, and reasonably-priced gifts.

Reusable Sandwich Bags

Do you still use plastic cutlery for packing your sandwich and other snacks for the office? The most crucial part of your sustainable journey is ditching the one-time-use plastic cutlery and replacing it with reusable containers. 

These are also amazing, eco-friendly gift ideas for boyfriends or girlfriends embracing a sustainable lifestyle. Sandwich bags are made of eco-friendly cloth fabric and can be reused multiple times. They can store your sandwiches, nuts, fruits, chocolates, and other snacks. 

DIY Gardening Kit

A DIY gardening kit is the best gift for someone who loves spending time in their gardens, mowing their lawns, or keeping their front or backyard well-maintained. You can gift a flower kit containing a wonderful variety of flower seeds and all materials they need to grow these seeds into gorgeous flowers. 

  1. This gardening kit, for example, has six flower seeds with eco-friendly pots, coco coins, and vermicompost. Now, anyone can grow their flowers, nurture them, and create a beautiful lawn using their DIY gardening talent. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles are used once and are thrown straight into the trash. Reusable water bottles are safe for the planet and healthy for users. Copper bottles, for example, can be reused over and over again. These can purify the water by removing microorganisms automatically. If you know someone who buys plastic bottles frequently, it’s highly recommended that you gift them a reusable bottle.

Home Decor 

Designing your home with modern and sustainable decoration items is the easiest way to start your “going green” journey. If you know someone who’s renovating their house or loves decorating their place frequently, you can gift them eco-friendly home decor. 

  1. For instance, they’ll love to add indoor plants, vintage furniture, handcrafted grass planter, energy-efficient lighting, and other handmade home accessories. These make amazing eco-friendly gift ideas for him, her, and your friends.

Craft Kit 

  1. Are you looking for affordable gift ideas? A DIY craft kit is a fantastic choice for artists. If the person you are shopping for gifts loves artwork like building, cooking, making, and constructing, this Macrame DIY craft kit will be great. The kit contains 100% organic cotton cords and wood items from forests. 

Stationery Gift Box

  1. It’s a perfect gift idea for kids. Plantable pens, pencils, and stationery can teach them the importance of using environment-friendly products. An eco-friendly stationery gift box contains seed pens & pencils, notepads, and planting kits with clear instructions for growing plants out of the stationery items. Once the kids are done using the pens, they can plant the seeds (at the bottom of these pens) into the soil. You can find different sustainable stationery sets online.

Sustainable Books

What better gift for your friend or partner than a book? It’s affordable and a thoughtful gift idea. Suppose the gift-receiver is concerned about the environment and plans to go green. In that case, it’s a great idea to gift them a sustainable book that tells innovative and smart ways to embrace a sustainable lifestyle. 

You can find books that give excellent tips on how one can reduce their carbon footprint by adapting to a healthy and green life. A book that shows how some day-to-day activities have an environmental impact, how they harm the planet, and what you can replace these products with.