A Guide to The Most Comfortable Clothes for Travelling

When planning a trip, the first thing that comes to mind is travel clothing. Whether it is a short or a long trip, arranging for comfortable clothes is crucial. While comfort remains the top priority, you also want to look stylish. You can do both with the below clothing options.

When it comes to comfortable outfits for travel, fabric plays a significant role. Going for organic and eco-friendly materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, hemp, etc., can be a great choice. These fabrics are more breathable, airy and sweat resistant, keeping you comfortable all day. 

Below is the list of the seven best clothes for travel you may want to try:

  1. Kaftans

If you plan a summer trip, you cannot go without a kaftan. Kaftans are lightweight, loose-fitted, and breathable. From 100% cotton to silk, they are available in different colours and designs. You can try some of the most eco-friendly kaftan dresses for travel purposes. If you are purchasing for your beach holiday, look for a knee-length or a top-style kaftan. Go for a full-length kaftan for a casual lunch or dinner plan. 


  1. Co-ords Sets

Are you looking to combine comfort and style while travelling? Co-ord sets for travel are the perfect choice as they are fashionable as well as smart-looking. Pick a cotton linen or organic cotton co-ord set, and you are ready to travel. They make the perfect travel clothing for men, women, and even for kids. You can choose a co-ord shirt and shorts for a personal trip and a hand-block printed full-length set for an official trip.

  1. Basic Tees

T-shirts are always your favourite travel companion, whether it is a business or personal trip. You can pair the basic tees for travel with almost anything. Buy a breathable organic cotton t-shirt and wear it with your favourite shorts or skirts. For a more stylish look, opt for a handwoven tie and dye t-shirt and pair them with cotton or linen shorts. You can also buy them in bamboo fabric for a comfortable and an eco-friendly experience.

  1. Kimono Jackets

An essential clothing option for the Japanese - the kimono is now a worldwide famous travel option. You can buy kimono jackets for travel and go on adventures in any part of the world. Buy a hand-block printed cotton kimono jacket and pair it with a crop top and shorts. You can even style hemp kimono jackets that resemble shrugs and layer it over your favourite jeans and tee. 

  1. Airy Dresses

When planning a trip, remember to include beautiful and airy dresses for travel. Dresses are easy to maintain and only take up a little space in your bag. Plus, you won't have to worry about their wrinkles or ironing as they look great the way they are. You can choose an aloe fabric ruffle dress for a relaxed afternoon on the trip or a bamboo cotton maxi dress for a cosy evening.

  1. Relaxed Pants

Buying relaxed pants for travel will keep you comfortable, be it at the airports or on road trips. Choosing organic cotton or bamboo pants will make you look and feel fresh despite sitting for long hours. Get ruffled cotton pants with pockets for keeping essential things handy. Pick cotton and hemp pants for a business meeting trip and team them up with cotton shirts.

  1. Comfortable Footwear

If you intend to walk and explore a lot , carry comfortable footwear for travel. It is the most essential and easily forgotten item on the checklist. You will have the best time on your trip with comfortable footwear. Whether you are looking for sandals, flats or flip-flops, consider a comfortable material while doing so. Choosing vegan leather or upcycled rubber footwear will keep your feet fresh and safe.  You can walk a long distance without being tired by wearing them.

Bottom Line


  • Comfort should be your top priority when deciding on clothes for travelling.
  • Try opting for eco-friendly fabrics such as linen, hemp or organic cotton, which are breathable and comfortable.
  • You can consider vegan footwear for keeping your feet fresh and safe while travelling.

As exciting as it is to go on a trip, selecting proper clothes can be overwhelming. Try and look for natural fabric clothes that are durable and breathable. Choose clothes that take up less space in your backpacks and are comfortable and stylish. 

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