9 Ways You Can Become a More Sustainable Pet Parent in 2023
  1. How you raise and groom your furry friends can make an impact on the environment as well. It’s important to make sure that all the efforts & activities you do for your pets are eco-friendly. However, taking care of the health and well-being of your pets is equally crucial. This blog will walk you through some superb tips on how to be a sustainable pet parent.

Why is it important to become a sustainable pet parent?

It is not enough to monitor your own activities. You also have to take care of the carbon footprint of your pets and make them less harmful for the environment.

Here are some reasons why you should go the sustainable way with your pet.

  • Dogs and cats are carnivores. However, the production and processing of meat release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.
  • The plastic toys of your pets can pollute the environment further.
  • Pet shampoos often contain harmful chemicals that can be toxic.
  • Pet waste might pollute the environment if you do not clean it properly.

    There’s already a lot of environmental damage. Being a responsible pet parent can make the Earth a better place. 

    Don’t shop but adopt

    Millions of homeless animals live on the streets. Their lives are uncertain without proper food and shelter. You will find many of them dying in accidents.

    Moreover, the shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. You can take one of them home and save their life. Adopting a furry friend will also be pocket-friendly for you.

    If everyone starts adopting animals instead of buying from the breeders, there will be fewer hungry souls on the streets. That will also keep the environment healthy.

    Reuse & recycle the plastic packets

    1. Plastic harms the environment beyond your imagination. So, don’t dump the plastic packets of your pet food in the garbage. What can you do instead?

    Well, you can reuse plastic containers to store pet food or other items. But, what about the packets? There are several recycling centres these days. Moreover, many localities have separate waste bins for plastic products. Make sure you discard these plastic packets there.

    1. You can also look for eco-friendly brands to buy your pet products. These days several brands sell their products with recyclable packaging.

    Buy sustainable pet products

    You will be spoiled with choice while shopping for goodies for your bundles of joy. However, you must choose responsibly.

    1. Whether it’s a bottle of shampoo for your furry friend or their food, look for organic products. After all, the motto is to go green. There are many brands who make sure that their products are free of harmful chemicals.
    2. Choosing natural and organic shampoos will ensure that your pet remains in good health. Moreover, you will prevent harmful chemicals from getting into the environment. Do your research before you make a purchase. You can also discuss with your vet to check if the product you are buying is really natural.
    3. Is buying organically sourced products enough? You also have to take care of the packaging. Buy products that come in recyclable packets. That will protect the environment from the most dangerous compound: plastic.

    Be careful with the waste

    Yes, we are talking about poop. When your doggo poops, you cannot leave it there. Clean it up properly or else it might contaminate the environment.

    If your pet goes outside to pee and poop, then you can use eco-friendly methods to dispose of the waste so that it will decompose gradually without harming the environment.

    Cat litter is often made of silica dust and other toxic materials. Check the product before buying it. Make sure it is made of natural and plant-based materials.

    Buy eco-friendly pet food

    Your furry friend loves to eat and you love to pamper them. That’s natural. However, take care of what you feed them.

    Your dogs and cats are carnivores and they eat a lot of meat. However, the production and processing of these emit greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. That in turn leads to global warming.

    1. Moreover, some manufacturers also engage in unethical practices while sourcing pet food. So, it is worthwhile to do a thorough research before buying.
    2. You can give home-cooked meals to your pets. That will help in two ways. You will be able to make sure it is sustainable. Moreover, they will get some wholesome and nutritious food. Consult with your vet to know what type of food would be the best for your special one.

    Take care of their toys

    Does your pet love running and playing around? That's a good sign. But, the kind of toys you give them can affect the environment. For instance, if you buy plastic toys for them, that will add up to the plastic waste in the environment. Since plastic is non-biodegradable, it will continue harming the ecosystem for thousands of years.

    But you are a responsible pet parent. So, you will ensure that your pet doesn’t play with plastic toys. Plastic toys can also harm your bundle of joy if they swallow it accidentally while playing.

    What can you do instead? Try making some DIY toys for your pets. You can use cardboard and newspapers. They will love playing with your homemade toys. Moreover, the environment will also stay green and safe.

    Comb & groom your pet regularly

    How to be a responsible pet parent? Brushing and combing your pet regularly will make you one. When you brush and comb your pet regularly, ticks and fleas stay away from them. Moreover, it is crucial to give them a nice bath once in a while. 

    1. Grooming your pet regularly will prevent the need for tick and flea control treatments. Most of the medicines and sprays for pest control contain harmful chemicals. They might cause respiratory problems in you and your pet. Moreover, these chemicals can pass through your drains into water bodies.
    2. So, do not forget to indulge your furry friend in a grooming session once in a while. You should also clean their beds regularly to keep pests away.

    Spay & neuter the furry friends

    Your pets might be naughty. Their mischief might result in several babies. As a responsible pet parent, it’s your duty to neuter them. This will ensure that there are fewer hungry and homeless animals out there.

    Spaying would also maintain their good health. It will reduce the chances of sexually transmitted diseases, malignant mammary tumours, and testicular cancer. You can reach out to your vet or an NGO to get your pet neutered. That will make you a sustainable pet parent who is concerned about the environment.

    Go for long walks 

    1. Your pet loves to run and play around. So, get a comfortable collar & take them out for long walks. It will give you both some quality time together. Moreover, they will get fresh air and sunlight. When you take your doggo or cat for walks, you are reducing your carbon footprint. Taking them on drives might be an easy option. But that will harm the environment through carbon emissions. 

    So, the next time, make sure you take your pet on long walks as that will also give you some exercise.

    Final Word

    While taking care of the environment, you cannot compromise on your pet’s health. That is why it is crucial to look for products that will help meet both goals. That way your bundle of joy will be happy and healthy. And, you will also protect the Earth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is owning a pet sustainable?

    Pets can give you immense happiness. However, owning a pet will be sustainable only if you follow eco-friendly practices.

    • How can you be more sustainable as a pet parent?

    Buy eco-friendly products for your pet. Moreover, make sure you don’t buy a pet from breeders. You can rather adopt one.

    • Are pets bad for the environment?

    It depends on how you take care of your pet. Feeding a lot of meat would harm the environment since its production adds up greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. You can choose vegetarian or vegan alternatives instead.