8 Best Gifts Your Mom Deserves: Mother's Day Special

A mother and her child’s relationship is built way before the child is born. It is one of the most unique and irreplaceable bonds, as her love is selfless and unconditional. While we can never come close to returning what a mother does, doing something meaningful for her will definitely make her happy. And even though you don't need a particular day to make her feel special, Mother's Day is a great occasion to do a bit. So buy your mom unique Mother's Day gifts this year and leave her impressed by your choices.

What Is The Best Gift For Mothers?

It is a tricky question, especially when deciding on a gift for mothers as they say they do not need anything. So, here are our top 8 gifts for Indian moms that they will love. 

  1. Soy Candles

Candles are among the most popular and loved gifts. Its fragrance can brighten up the mood in no time. But do you know most candles are made of paraffin wax, which is harmful to our health and the environment? Since your mother deserves the best, we say you give her the best. 

Gift her soy candles for Mother’s Day made of natural and eco-friendly materials. These are handpoured and come in different scents like lavender, vanilla, lily, rose, jasmine, etc, which will lighten up the mood already.



  1. Planters

Planters are a classic gift and good for all occasions. Giving plants to your loved ones symbolises good luck, care and growth. Go for planters as Mother's Day gifts if your mom is a nature lover. You can look for upcycled eco-pots or antique ones with a stand. Add stylish brass or black stone pottery planters to it if she already has a garden of her own. 


  1. Bags And Wallets

Who doesn't like carrying an elegant and stylish handbag? Your mother will indeed like it as her Mother's Day gift. When you look for bags and wallets for mom, go for something that matches her favourite outfit. You can opt for handcrafted and vegan handbags, which are durable and eco-friendly. For instance, a cactus leather clutch or cork wallet is an excellent daily-use choice.


  1. Crockery And Serveware

For mothers who love to cook delicious dishes for their families, crockery and serveware for Mother's Day will make a perfect gift. Aesthetic wood serving platters and bamboo bowls can be trendy options. You can also add antique brass utensils to her crockery collection. She will surely be excited to receive a new set of servers and flaunt them at the next family gathering.



  1. Natural Perfumes

One can be very particular about their fragrance. After all, a good perfume can lift anyone’s mood instantly. Prefer buying natural perfumes for mom made of natural ingredients for a unique experience. They are good for the skin as well as our environment. Select from wood, spice, or smoky scents, as these are trendy options. She will be pleased to receive such an aromatic gift and remember you whenever she uses it. 




  1. Handcrafted Jewellery

Whether you are buying it for your mother or your wife on behalf of your kids, jewellery is an all-time favourite. From bracelets to chains and earnings, you can buy all kinds of jewellery for Mother’s Day. You can pick a sterling silver or an 18K or 22K gold-plated design. You will easily find simple designs to match her office dresses and casual outfits. You can also pick a Kundan stone necklace or dangling ghungroo earnings for the wedding or festive season.



  1. Handmade Clothing

Gifting a piece of handcrafted clothing is a thoughtful option for your mother. A nice piece of outfit as a gift is always a delight to receive. Choosing which fabric is better can be tough, especially when shopping for a mother. Hence, you can try handmade and organic materials such as chanderi silk, cotton, linen, etc. These materials are soft and suitable for all skin types. Try selecting a linen or silk saree, which will make the best gifts for mom any day.

  1. Cups, Mugs And Glasses

Drinkware options always make the list of Mother’s Day special gifts. No matter how many your mother has, she will always want to add more to her endless collection. This year you can buy her handmade and eco-friendly mugs and cups. Purchase stoneware mugs or ceramic cups for her tea parties with friends. A classy set of copper goblet glasses will also make a fine present. 

Bottom Line

Key Takeaways:

  • Look for unique and eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts.
  • Choose gifts she can use daily, like wallets, perfumes, crockery, handmade clothes, etc.
  • Linen and silk sarees are among the best Mother’s Day gifts. 

Every mother deserves to be pampered and loved on Mother’s Day. There is a long list of things you can give her but be thoughtful. She will cherish it forever.

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