7 Reasons Why Your Home Needs A Rug

Decorating a home is always fun. People often look for items that go with their walls, paint, decor, and mostly interiors. These things decide how a home will look after a complete set-up. One item that adds to the beauty of any room is a rug. A rug can artistically and aesthetically change the look of any room. But besides just amping up the look, rugs come with additional benefits.

People also consider buying a rug when moving to a new place to make the space warm and cosy. If you are still choosing whether to buy a rug, this article will tell you why to go for it.

Top Reasons To Go For A Rug

If you are bored of the same look in your room and want a change by investing less, a rug is the best option. It goes well with all kinds of flooring, including a wooden one. Below are reasons why a rug is an all-time favourite to add to your home decor

  1. Brighten A Room

Most contemporary-style homes these days have dark or laminated floors. Although they look great, they drain the light from your room. You can add light-coloured cotton rugs for a perfect combination.

In rooms with dark-coloured walls, you can add light-toned handmade rugs. It will help brighten the overall look of your rooms.

  1. Change The Theme

Adding jute dhurries is an instant way of creating space underfoot. It can help in dividing the room or creating a new theme. With rugs, you will take no time to change the style. Modern rugs can also help match contemporary furniture pieces. 

Always buy the best rugs for living room and keep changing the colour according to the season. Keep two different style rugs - one for winter and the other for summer.

  1. Enhance Room Appearance

Rugs are usually considered a way of enhancing your room decor. Indian rugs and carpets come in different shapes, sizes, colours, and designs. You can use them for different needs. Adding a patterned rug can make your look wider and broader. At the same time, traditional rugs can be used to bring the look of your room together. 

Designer rugs can be used to highlight your furniture. In contrast, handcrafted antique rugs can be added to complement the traditional paintings on the wall.

  1. Add Warmth

Layering a rug or dhurries on a hard floor increases comfort and warmth. Imagine cotton dhurries next to your bed - you will step on softness first thing in the morning. During winter months, you can use wool rugs. They will give you the comfort you need during colder months.

  1. Good For Safety

Parents often worry about their safety with kids around. Keeping a rug will add a safety layer for your child. It will reduce slips and falls and minimise any injury. You can also place a rug in their playroom, where they spend maximum time.

  1. Cover Floor Issues

A rug can be helpful when you need a quick fix for a floor issue. A small crack in the tile can be covered easily under a rug. Sometimes a space may have outdated flooring. Using a rug on that floor is an excellent way of giving it a new look. You can quickly check for dhurries online and match them with your room aesthetics.

  1. Piece Of Artwork

Artisanal silk rugs look no less than artwork on the floor. Go for unique rugs that are durable and long-lasting.  Your rug can add graphics and elements to your room, making it more appealing. 

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Last Thoughts


  • Rugs add warmth and cosy to a room. 
  • Rugs and dhurries are best as a safety option for your kids and toddlers.
  • Rugs can help change the theme of a space and add more style.

Rugs add a style to your home while offering a comfortable space. They are beautiful, versatile and a perfect addition to your home. When deciding to go for a rug, remember to check these reasons.

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