7 Purr-fect Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day

Did you know there is a day specially dedicated to cats? Yes, you heard us right! August 8 is celebrated as International Cat Day in several countries and is the day owned by our feline friends. The celebration began in 2002 and was organised by International Fund For Animal Welfare or IFAW. No specific event marks the celebration, so you can uniquely have fun with your cute little cat.

If you plan to celebrate International Cat Day in India, here are seven interesting ways. Are you excited to find and share new methods to spend time with your kitties and cats? Read along!

Unique Ways To Celebrate International Cat Day

Enjoy this day by doing something special, find the best Cat Day celebration ideas below.

Adopt A Feline Friend

Wondering how to celebrate International Cat Day? Adopt a cat from your local animal shelter or rescue group to welcome a cat into your home. There is no better way to celebrate the day other than this. Adopting can provide a cat with a lifetime of love, care and safety.


Volunteering At An Animal Shelter

Other Cat Day activities for cat lovers involve volunteering at a local animal shelter. It can be a rewarding experience for those wanting to make a difference in the lives of furry companions. As a volunteer, you will be socialising with cats, feeding them, cleaning them, grooming them, assisting in adoptions, etc. Volunteering on this day will benefit the cats and bring joy to your life.

Get Them Their Favourite Treats

One of the best ways to celebrate Cat Day is by getting your feline friends their favourite treats. You may not have the time to bake tuna cake, but you can get your hands on irresistible cat treats effortlessly. You can get your treats online and don't even need to step out of your home. It is a wonderful way of showing some extra love and appreciation.

Throwing A Cat Party

One of the most popular Cat Day events in India will be a cat party. You can invite your fellow friends who are proud owners of cats and host a cat-themed party. Let the felines enjoy themselves with each other and make the most of their special day. Remember to keep Cat Day gifts for cat owners handy for a wholesome experience. To make it more special, you can present cat-special grooming products, toys, or other accessories.

Plan A Cat Photoshoot

Other fun activities for International Cat Day can be planning a photo shoot for your fur baby. Call a professional photographer if you have a budget or plan a DIY shoot. What better day than clicking and then printing those photos later and creating a picture album to keep the memories intact.

Purchase New Cat Accessories

Cats are simple and don't ask for much. Even a small new toy or accessory can make them happy. They will adore it the entire day and tag it wherever they go to show excitement. You can get your cat an organic cat house and help with a sound sleep or purchase pet essentials like cat collars or bandanas on their special day to show your love.

Groom Your Cat

Last but not least, grooming your cat on International Cat Day is one of the best things you can do. You can help your furry friend remove hairballs and extra fur with proper grooming. Brushing and cleansing them is a great way to bond with them and pamper them. Besides, it will help your cat look healthy, glowing and beautiful.

Wrap Up


  • International Cat Day is celebrated on August 8 and is commemorated by performing several cat-special events.
  • Popular ways to celebrate Cat Day include adopting a cat, volunteering at an animal shelter, buying treats and toys, hosting a cat party, planning a shoot, and more.
  • Celebrating International Cat Day is a great way to bond with and show love to your furry friends.

With the International Cat Day date approaching fast, you must prepare to celebrate the day in advance. It is an excellent way to spend time and bond with your furry friends. Cats are among some of the most loved pets and have long been part of several households, and are more than just companions. So, if you own a cat, make it feel loved by performing one of the above-listed activities for a unique experience.

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