6 Easy Makeup Looks To Try This Festive Season

With the festive months almost here, it is time to prepare for the celebrations. Besides the decorations, gifts and clothes, there is another crucial consideration. Just like your festive attire, it is equally essential to decide on your makeup look beforehand and not leave it for the last bit. We know the rush that comes with festivals and celebrations, and you have little time to get ready. But with these easy makeup tutorials, you can transform your look quickly.

Whether you don an ethnic saree or an indo-western outfit, here are six festive makeup looks for the extra oomph!

The Keep It Natural Look

There is nothing that can ever go wrong with an all-natural makeup look. It is amongst the most preferred Indian festive makeup with a minimalist approach. The key to getting this look right is to use an organic BB cream for a light and flawless base. Regarding concealer, do not opt for highlight shades and pick something that matches your natural skin tone. Choose a cruelty-free blush or a warm bronzer that doubles as a blush for the final touches. Now use a natural setting spray to seal the deal.

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The Classic Red Lipstick Look

A red lipstick is often considered as the shining armour of every woman. "When in doubt, wear red lipstick", and how we agree with the saying. The classic red lipstick look is among the most popular festive season makeup ideas. Use a gentle cleanser to prepare your skin to ensure the makeup makes you look more radiant. Apply a hydrating primer and follow it with an Ayurvedic foundation and concealer for a flawless complexion. Put brown eyeshadow on your eyes, along with mascara and eyeliner. Add a little highlighter and blush on the cheeks and complete the look with bright red lip colour, one of the best lipstick shades for festive makeup.





The Elegant Monochromatic Look

A simple and classic look, this makeup style will give the right touch to your traditional lehengas or suits. Start by setting your base with a gel foundation and use organic face talc for long-lasting makeup. Now, take a dusky pink lip shade and add a glossy touch. Keep the blush and eyeshadow in a similar shade. Applying herbal lipstick for this look is suggested as part of our festive makeup product recommendations. This simple makeup look is sure to complement bright Indian clothes.



The Golden Glow Hour Look

An impeccable makeup look, the golden hour glow is apt for traditional wear and suits every skin tone. Nourish your skin with a natural moisturiser and follow it by applying the primer, foundation, and concealer. Concealer tips for festive makeup are using a concealer two shades lighter than your skin, especially for this look. Now, use a cream-based bronzer for a natural glow after setting the base with loose powder. Apply golden eyeshadow on your eyelid's centre and blend it well. Finish the look with mascara, eyeliner, nude lipstick, and a golden highlighter on the nose and cheeks.





The Dramatic Smokey Look

This look is for women who want a bold and dramatic appearance. You must keep your eyeshadow palette handy to create this stunning look. You can do a smokey or cut crease eye makeup for this one. Depending on your outfit, play around with gold tones like copper, bronze, and rose gold. There are no restrictions, and you can also experiment with other colours of your choice. Remember to create a fierce wing on the eyes before wrapping. Define your brows well and go for nude lips. Use your favourite nail paint shades for festive season for a more impactful look.





The Magical Kohl'd Look

Excited to try different kajal styles for festive looks? If yes, then this is your dream makeup look. All you need to do is draw thick lines on the top and bottom of your eyes with organic kajal and smudge them well. Apply a little brown shade on the eye crease and some glitter on the lid and inner corner. You will need loads of mascara to create the magical kohl'd look. Work on your brows and put your favourite nude lip shade for the final look.



Bottom Line

Takeaway -

  • Popular festive makeup looks include the all-natural, red lipstick, golden hour glow, monochromatic, smokey, and kohl'd look.
  • It is recommended to use natural and organic makeup products for the perfect festive look.
  • Remember to use bright festive nail paint shades for a complete overall look.

Deciding on the best makeup look is a personal preference and will depend on your outfit, occasion and individual taste. Take inspiration from the above outstanding festive makeup looks to turn heads with your dreamy assemblage.

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