5 Sustainable Fashion Trends To Watch Out For In 2023

The conversations around sustainable consumption and staying consciously fashionable is gaining momentum with concerns around the environment being more vociferous. And why not? Investing in pieces that are artisanal, sustainable, homegrown and made from natural materials is far more relevant than opting for massy brands without any focus on any of the above.

 The changing paradigms that are reverberating not just in India but around the globe are a sign to pause and ponder about how we can invest in timeless pieces of apparel and accessories rather than going for quick fix solutions.

Here are 5 Sustainable Fashion trends that will rule in 2023 and many years to come. 

1. Reselling and Repeating Outfits is on the Rise: Brands are showing no shame in embracing the idea of reselling. Websites like RealReal focus on resale and are capitalising on the idea of reducing waste. Big luxury brands like Gucci and Farfetch Second Life are all set to using the trend to their benefit. Reselling their garments or promoting pre-owned clothing & accessories online is a huge initiative in cutting down carbon emissions created by the fashion industry. Reselling not only benefits those who buy the real brand products at marginally lower prices but is also becoming a trend for those consumers who want to sell their old pieces and refurbish their wardrobes. Similarly, repeating the outfits for the zoom call and other online meetings is now perfectly comfortable for the trendsetters. 

2. Shopping Locally, Going Online:With more people being more comfortable buying online than ever before, the emphasis on indigenous and homegrown labels is growing. Trends indicate that while buying things online, we are more inclined to buy it from locals and support them in a small way. A survey conducted by Nextdoor says that 72% of people are more inclined to buy products made locally to support their country's people more than before. They all seemed to agree that this thought process strengthened after the pandemic.  


3. Animal-Free, Less Cruelty: With vegan leather products making a far more eco-friendly and environment-friendly option than animal leather, it is no surprise that so many brands have chosen this leather made from fruit and vegetable peels, cork, coconut husk and other organic wastes. 


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4. Inclusivity is chicer than diversity: Brands showing empathy towards the planet and animals are now more acceptable than those who are working towards magnifying their profits alone.

5. Natural Materials rule the day: Instead of polyesters and nylons, the materials that are most sought after are cotton, linen, mulmul, chanderis, handloom silks and more handwoven, breathable and purer fabrics. Interestingly they are great for women’s dresses, kurtas, sarees as well as for men’s shirts, tee-shirts, kurtas, trousers and more.

Ethical fashion is a goal that many fashion brands are trying to adapt in order to ensure that their products do not end up as trash in landfills. The future of our planet depends on the choices that we make today and it is pertinent that we start choosing wisely for everything that we shop, especially fashion!

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