5 Eco-friendly Yoga Mats and Accessories To Try in 2023
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Mar 04, 2022

Taking the time to stretch and exercise several times a week has numerous health benefits. The correct mat, rug, or accessory may help us practice comfortably and lessen the chances of injury; these include non-slip mats, cushions etc. It is also important to wear the correct yoga wear.

This guide includes various sustainably crafted yoga accessories, including mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps that you may find beneficial in your yoga practice. Whether it's a long shavasana or that firefly position you've been shooting for, we've identified a few essentials that are all about keeping you eco-friendly and interested in whatever form of yoga, meditation, or stress treatment you prefer.

 1. Hemp Yoga Mat

This mat is largely made out of hemp and other biodegradable and recyclable materials, making it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The mat is wide and extra long, making it perfect for yoga or any exercise. The hemp padding provides optimal grip and cushioning for the joints, and the non-slip rubber ensures a secure grip on the floor. This is an excellent choice for a comfortable and stylish yoga mat. The mat is lightweight and convenient to carry as it is or with a organic yoga bag during travel. It is easy to clean; wipe it down with a damp cloth and air it out. You can use a cork meditation cushion or cork block with this mat for enhanced support and grip.

2. Bamboo Cotton Yoga Mat

Elevate your yoga rituals with this stunning yoga mat with a minimalistic beach design. This yoga mat is handmade with 100% handloom cotton. This excellent bamboo cotton yoga mat has an anti-skid bottom for practitioners who desire the absorbency, superior grip and eco-friendly qualities of a yoga mat but don't like the way it slips on flat surfaces. This backing provides the stability you require with cork blocks or cork yoga rollers for balancing, while the cotton on top provides a comfortable surface.

3. Boho Chakra Cotton Meditation Mat

Elevate your meditative practice with this white and blue cotton meditation mat inspired by the aesthetics of mandalas. The round mat has a bohemian design and can serve as a focal point in a living area, thanks to its traditional style and tropical vibes. This is a multipurpose mat that can also be used as wall decor!


4. Reclaimed Teakwood Yoga Mat

Enjoy the experience of peace & tranquillity with this meditation mat. This mat has a root chakra engraved in the centre which helps to enrich the whole experience. It helps achieve a deep inner connection to your soul and attain a deeper concentration through a thoughtless state of mind.

It is extremely durable, naturally resistant to shrinking, warping and decay regardless of weather conditions, owing to its dense grain and natural oils. Teak is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too! Make meditation a lifestyle and not merely a habit. It has exceptional benefits for our physical, emotional and spiritual being. It is the simplest route to a healthy mind and body.

5. Handcrafted Anna Abhar Thankfulness Teakwood Chakra

The Anna Aabhar Chakra is inspired from the humble, ancient chakki. It has a prayer inscribed on it that radiates vibes of thankfulness to the food we consume every day, its process and the Source. It has a pattern of the Solar Plexus (Manipura Chakra) of the body (located at the navel), whose main function is to transform matter into energy to fuel your body.

Let the Anna Aabhar Chakra be permanently placed on your dining table, or wherever else you have your meals. Before having your food, rotate the chakra (akin to rotating a chakki) and say the prayer ‘हे अन्नदाता, इस अन्न की उत्पत्ति, प्राप्ति एवं उपयोग हेतु आभार। इस अन्न का कण-कण सहृदयता, कृतज्ञता एवं प्रेम का संचार करे।‘ The prayer means that you are thankful to the entire process that brought the food to your table; and wish with all your heart that each grain of the food radiates thankfulness and love.

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