10 Ways You Can Make Mother’s Day Special

Mother, mom, mum, amma, ma… so many names for that one special person in your life. It doesn't matter what you prefer to call her, she deserves all the love and care. A simple "I love you" or "You mean the world to me" is bound to bring them immense happiness.

Celebrate this Mother's Day in a unique way and make her feel extra special. Even if you buy the best gift for Mother's Day, spending time with her will make all the difference. Here are some great activities to plan for your mother.

  1. Breakfast In Bed

Mothers do a lot for their children. It is time for you to make her feel special. Besides buying her the perfect gift, treat her with breakfast in bed. This day, switch your roles and plate up her favourites. 

Go for cornflakes or muesli if she prefers to start light. Make her an almond butter sandwich and serve it with roasted makhanas for a healthy and tasty breakfast. 

  1. Spa Day

Your mom is always amidst the hustle and bustle of daily chores. With a spa day, you can give her time to relax. Plan things for her at home if you can't take her to a spa. Give her hair spa, face clean up, or a luxury spa kit to pamper herself. If you are looking for the top 10 Mother's Day gift ideas for your mother, spa can be one of them.

  1. Coffee Date

You don’t need a more special day to call her friends for a coffee date. Set up a beautiful table with coffee from her favourite brand, cold brews or pick an instant flavour she likes. She will undoubtedly enjoy her coffee and company.

  1. Shopping Day

Shopping is a woman’s favourite- your mom won’t say no. You can buy Mother’s Day 2023 gifts online and let her choose what she wants. You will get several options online, such as handmade jewellery, handwoven clothes, organic wellness kits, and more.

  1. Buy Her Anything and Everything

This Mother’s Day, you spoil your mom just like she does. Tell her she means the world to you by making her feel special. Give her the freedom to be spendthrift for a day. Let her choose from an organic skincare product to an exclusive silk saree she always wanted to wear.

  1. A Hobby Class

Maybe your mother always wanted to be a baker but couldn’t because of responsibilities. Or was she not able to pursue her interest in writing? Whatever her hobby may be, make her go for it again! Give her a hemp apron to try another hand at baking or a cotton diary if she is a writer mom. You can even book an appointment for a pottery class and spend the day playing with clay.

  1. Gardening Day

If you have an open space or a garden, spend some time with her planting flowers. This is something which you can do every week and get a chance to spend some quality time with her not just on Mother’s day, but everyday.  Get her a DIY gardening kit or plantable seed balls. You can choose from herbs, flowers or vegetables to plant as per your space.

  1. Family Day

If you want the best Mother's Day gifts from daughter, give her a day to remember. Plan a family day with different activities and create memories. Click lovely pictures and place them in a beautiful eco-friendly frame. She will get an excellent gift and memories for a lifetime.

  1. Yoga Day

If you are exploring thoughtful gifts for Mother’s Day, there is nothing better than the gift of health. Buy her a cotton yoga mat and tell her the importance of self-care. Let her take care of herself just like she takes care of others. 

  1. Me Time

If your mom is busy every day managing things and taking care of the house, she may like some me time this Mother’s Day. Give her time to do what she wants. Let her read a book while curling up in a cotton throw or enjoy caffeine-free tea while watching her favourite show. There is nothing more relaxing than a moment for self. Meanwhile, you can handle all the other chores for her to have some time with herself.

Bottom Line

Key Takeaways:

  • Make your mother feel special by spending time with her and uniquely celebrating Mother's Day.
  • Give your mother time off from house chores and let her enjoy her me time.
  • You can also plan a family day with different activities and create memories with your mother.

Sometimes it's not about buying an expensive gift, but something you do or say. On this special day, tell your mother, grandmother, or the mother of your children that they are special.

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