10 Instagram Accounts to Inspire Healthy Eating Habits

For almost two years now, 'home' has become much more than a place to unwind after a day's hard work. It has become an office, school, workshop, gym, and much more. With gyms and other places to burn off some of those calories shut, the spare room in everyone’s house became a makeshift yoga or Zumba room!

While the trend of eating healthy and working out at home was high in 2020, there is a global decrease in people’s enthusiasm this year. And can you really blame them? All these days and months without any foreseeable end to the pandemic, it has taken a massive toll on everyone's physical and mental well-being.

Adding to the woes are those extra kilos that creep up silently while you are busy attending Zoom calls and making Dalgona coffee! But as things slowly start to show up and the festive season is knocking at our doors, people are finally counting the calories and looking for simple, effective, and COVID-safe ways to get back to shape.

So, if you are looking for some easy weight management tips or are here for some general #thinkspiration on how to lead a more fulfilling life, here are 10 Instagram influencers you should follow. Happy reading!

Mindful Eating: The New Mantra for Holistic Living: COVID Edition

Before moving on to the influencers, let's understand the need and benefits of being mindful about things you eat.

Mindful Eating 101

The basic idea behind mindful eating is that you consciously put some thought into the kind of food you eat throughout the day. Mindful eating re-focuses and re-trains your mind to enjoy every bite of the food you eat and not simply gulp it down.

The goal is to create a pleasant eating experience to get the maximum benefits and steer clear of harmful eating habits.

So, does this mean that you can eat ‘mindlessly’? Well, as funny as it sounds, most people hardly put any thought into their meals (even if they spend an hour planning it, the actual eating part is a blur). And you are too if you do any of the following things:

  • Keep eating till you can't move anymore
  • Eat food but not taste it
  • You don't know what is present in the food
  • You rush through meals
  • Forget the smell, taste, or look of the food you ate for breakfast

One of the most common misconceptions is that checking your food intake is only about losing weight. While weight management is a lucrative and popular goal, mindful eating offers much more than this. Living in the pandemic has taught people the importance of leading a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

From improving immunity to building resistance against mental triggers, holistic living is the secret to a happy life. Basics done. Now let's list down the ten must-watch Instagram accounts if healthy living is on your mind!

Ten #InstagrammersofIndia Who are Changing the Healthy Eating Landscape

  1.     Preeti Tamilarasan

Follow her @


Why Follow:

  • For the most awesome food pics that’ll make you hungry in no time.
  • For easy-to-cook and healthy food recipes
  •  For her unique (healthy) take on traditional Indian recipes

  1.     Vinita Contractor

Follow her @


Why Follow:

  • If you are looking to switch over to a plant-based diet and need #foodspiration
  •  If you need some serious life coaching to cope up with pandemic blues
  • For her #nofuss detox drink recipes to pump up your immunity and gut health

  1.     Ajinkya Ghan

Follow him @ https://www.instagram.com/healthonly_nutrition/

Why Follow:

  • For his simple yet effective diet and workout plans
  •  For his informative posts on nutritional and calorific values of foods
  •  For his workout tutorials to help you do the perfect squats
  1.     Hanisi Savla

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/nutritionist_hanisi_savla/?hl=en

 Why Follow:

  • For her expertise in various aspects of nutrition like child nutrition, sports nutrition, diet for medical conditions like PCOD, etc.
  • She is the owner of Diet Heal, a leading nutrition consultancy in the country
  • For her bite-sized, trending posts on relevant topics and health tips

  1.     Pallavi Jalan

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/eat2livebypallavi/?hl=en

 Why Follow:

  •  If there's one influencer, who does it all, from health tips, diet plans to skincare, it is Pallavi
  •  For her take on trending healthy living topics
  • For her relatable feed full of personal anecdotes and photos
  1.     Sharmada Venkat

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/sharmadavenkat_/?hl=en

 Why Follow:

  • She has some of the best healthy eating recipes that ANYONE can make
  • For her healthy takes on popular Indian dishes that even your grandmother will approve
  1.     Bharathi Ramesh

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/nutritionist.bharathi/?hl=en

Why Follow:

  • For her lip-smacking Continental and Indian recipes -the diet version
  • For her quirky takes on seasonal fruits and their benefits


  1.     Minacshi Pettukola

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/nutritionist.minacshi/?hl=en

Why Follow:

  • For her workshops on healthy and holistic living
  • For her inspirational posts to help best diet blues
  • For her food-based remedies for common lifestyle disorders like PCOS, diabetes, etc.
  1.     Sarah Patil aka thattallgirlyouknow

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/thattallgirlyouknow/?hl=en

Why Follow:

  • For her inspiring story about personal growth via workouts and diet management
  • For her workout tips and plans that anyone, from amateurs to fitness buffs, all can use

  1. Natasha Hamo

Follow her @ https://www.instagram.com/organicandhappy/?hl=en

Why Follow:

  •  For her interesting and easy-to-make vegan recipes
  • For her larger-than-life and colourful smoothie bowls that beat any pudding in the race
  • For her infectious happiness and positivity that shows through her colourful posts and reels

 Summing Up

Life can be challenging at times. Case in point, 2020 and 2021: two of the most dreadful years of the decade. However, instead of sulking and giving in to your guilty pleasures, it is time you take charge of your body and mind. And like they say, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body; eating the right food is the mantra for happiness in a post-COVID future.

Even if you are a generally fit person, staying indoors, without your usual activities to blow off steam, you can quickly slip into the vicious cycle of guilt-eating. At Amala Earth, we want to make sure you have a friend in us to help you eat right and live well!