10 Earth-friendly Wedding Home Decor Ideas

Everyone has noticed that the earth-friendly wedding trend is gaining momentum. People realize they don’t have to choose between being eco-friendly and having a fantastic wedding; they can do both! If anyone wants their special day to be as green as possible, here are some Wedding Decoration Ideas for decorating with natural elements instead of plastic or artificial flowers.

A banana paper wall hanging

A banana paper wall hanging in red and golden color is a perfect home wedding decor item. It is handmade with cotton and banana paper and adds bling to the wedding aesthetics. Customers can either hang it on the wall or in the center of their hallway through the ceiling to make it a centerpiece. Additionally, after their wedding, they can even use it as living room decor.

Cane Storage Basket

Storage baskets are a common item in Indian wedding preparations, and what if people can upgrade their decorations with cane storage baskets? They look pretty and are also 100% eco-friendly as they are made from cane. They are quite versatile, so there’s no need to worry about reusing them after the wedding is over.

Banana Paper Bandarwar

Banana paper is made from waste banana leaves that have been recycled into a paper-like material. Banana Paper Bandarwar is a great alternative to plastic and paper items, especially for At Home Indian Wedding Decorations like door hangings! They add a touch of green aesthetics to the home wedding decor and the customer’s relatives would surely ask them for the contact of the vendor.


Orange Crochet Hearts Petals Led String Lights

This is an example of a simple, yet elegant At Home Simple Wedding Home Decoration item that can be used for any season and for any occasion, especially weddings. Its soft orange color will bring warmth to the home or wedding venue, while its multi-purpose function makes it a great addition to the decor arsenal. Made from recycled Viscose Thread and LEDs, these crochet hearts can be used as a beautiful wall decor item that can be hung around the house during weddings and other occasions. They’re also perfect if anyone wants something more earth-friendly than traditional lights but still wants some illumination at night!

Cotton Thread Bird Boho Bunting

Cotton Thread Bird Boho Bunting is a perfect addition to the wedding decor. Made from cotton thread, this colorful rust-red bunting can be used as wall art or hung anywhere in the home. It could even match any theme the user is going for. This style of bird bunting is also a great way to incorporate nature into the decor without being too over-the-top.

Iron & Textile Waste Upcycled Planter

Plants add life to the home environment, and what’s better than an environment-friendly planter to grow anyone’s favorite flora? This Waste Upcycled Planter is made from iron and textile waste. It can be used to grow succulents or cacti. It can also be used as a decorative piece in any room of the home. It serves as one of the best At Home Simple Wedding Home Decoration items for Indian weddings.

Banana Paper Wall Hanging

People cannot get enough wall hangings when it comes to Indian Wedding Home Decoration. So, here’s another yellow and white banana paper wall hanging to add four moons to the aesthetics. It is also handmade with cotton and banana leaves pulp converted to paper. People can use it for Diwali decorations once it has served the purpose of styling their wedding.

Bamboo Globe Lamp

A bamboo globe lamp is a great eco-friendly option for homes. These lamps are made from natural, renewable materials. This allows them to be fully biodegradable and compostable. Weddings can be messy, so it is also very durable and won’t break easily if anyone accidentally drops or bumps into the lamp. This makes a bamboo globe lamp perfect for any room in the house! People may even use them as night lights, decorative lamps, or study lamps!

Fabric scraps shubh laabh dream catcher,

Dream catchers are a traditional Native American art form that many cultures around the world have adopted. They have an important significance in Indian traditions as well. Dream catchers use a web of fiber to catch negative energy and keep it from the person, protecting them from bad dreams. It looks like two hoops (one larger than the other) connected by strings hanging from both sides of a circle with feathers or beads at the center and hanging from holes in each hoop.

These dream catchers are designed by keeping the Indian culture in mind. It says Shubh and Laabh on each individually in beautiful handwoven calligraphy. They are an excellent Wedding Home Decoration and also suitable for other general events.

Jute and Cotton Thread Door Ganesh Toran

A door toran, also known as the door hanging, is an excellent choice for Indian Wedding Home Decor. It can be used as a wall hanging or door hanging. This Jute and cotton thread door Ganesh toran is perfect for any occasion like a wedding ceremony, birthday party, Deepavali, and other events.

Why should people choose earth-friendly decorations for their homes?

  • They reduce the carbon footprint as there are no carbon emissions during their production and decomposition.
  • They are more affordable and add up to the home aesthetics.
  • Ensures that harmful chemicals aren't emitted into the home.


Earth-friendly wedding decor is a great way to add beauty to the home. These items are made from waste and natural materials and are perfect to incorporate into Wedding Decoration Ideas. They are beautiful, affordable, easy to use, and easy to store. Earth-friendly wedding decor can be used for other occasions as well! These are some of the amazing ways to decorate the house. People can use them for weddings and other parties as well. These things will not only add beauty but also make them feel happy and relaxed.